My Review Process

I’m going to go into a little detail about how I review WordPress products and services on LayerWP. I think it’s important you know how I do things.

WordPress Reviews

Why I Review WordPress Products

Before I give you how I review WordPress themes/plugins, let me tell you the why. I’ve been around the block many times and purchased themes, plugins, and hell even used services before based on reviews from blogs.

That said, I’ve had my fingers burnt numerous times, as it turns out the reviews were, well, quite frankly crap.

I’m tired of reading reviews of WordPress products on other blogs, and I don’t understand why people read them anymore. Half of them are misleading, and the other half are “salesy.”

Don’t get me wrong; some do it properly, but they’re few and far between.

So thinking about it logically, why not review themes, plugins, and services myself?

That way, I can share my thoughts and verdict with you, helping you decide on whether to purchase/download a theme or plugin or use a service.

I can be as honest as the day is long, give you all the information you need on whether or not a WordPress theme/plugin is worth buying if it’s premium or using if it’s free.

LayerWP is a place for those looking for products and wants a reliable source for information and reviews, not making a quick buck from affiliate links, which funnily enough leads me to.

Affiliate Links In Reviews

The big mistake a lot of blogs make is pushing for affiliate income, I mean, really selling a plugin/theme or service to make money.

Nah, not for me.

Personally? I don’t like it, and each to its own; I understand the need to make money from a blog, but misleading readers to get some affiliate coin.

Will I use them? Sure, here’s why

If a WordPress product has an affiliate scheme, sure I’m going to use it, why wouldn’t I? Don’t let that put you off reading my reviews, I’ll tell you why.

I spend a great deal of time compiling a review of a product, hell probably more than most. I think it’s important to share my findings, the positives, and the negatives.

I want you to make the right choice when it comes to a product, not fall foul of spammy affiliate nonsense so that I can make a quick buck. Great care goes into every review I write. I test and retest, share my experience, and give my verdict.

Using affiliate links means I can earn some revenue from your purchase (if the product is premium) it helps me keep the lights on and pay the occasional bill.

If I spend 3-4 hours on a review, install a theme/plugin (believe it or not some blogs don’t even do that) test the living hell out of it, I think I’m entirely within my rights to use affiliate links.

Get In Touch 👉

Are you interested in me taking your WordPress product for a spin? Brilliant, I’m looking forward to hearing from you then!

Please only request a review if you’re comfortable with me pointing out any faults or issues. It is not my intention to write a super gushy review without picking out any problems I may find.

If that sounds fair to you, drop me a line using the form, and if your product is of interest, I’ll let you know!

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