Affiliate Disclosure

Why do I use affiliate links? AKA my affiliate disclosure.

Does LayerWP Use Affiliate Links?

Yes. Yes, I do; I’m not a massive fan of them; anyone who knows me knows this to be true. I can’t afford to run LayerWP on unicorn tears and whimsy, so I’ve got to be real and do what everyone else does in the WordPress blogging space, use affiliate links.

Does This Affect You, The Reader?

Short answer? No. If you purchase a product from a link on my website, you will not be charged anything extra; it just means I receive a small commission as part of being an affiliate.

When Will You Use Affiliate Links?

If a product has an affiliate program, I’ll join it and link accordingly. Please note the following, copy on this website is generated by me, not an AI, and if I don’t like the look of a product, I’ll tell you; I’ll still use an affiliate link.

Why? I need to generate revenue to keep the lights on because you may disagree with my opinion and still want to buy it.

I spend a considerable amount of time creating content; even if my conclusions are to avoid certain products, the links help cover the cost of my time for generating content.

I hope you understand my stance on affiliate links; please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

In an ideal world, I’d say yeh, sure. Why ever not? It’s less work for me. Reality is entirely different; as a blogger, I need my hobby to help pay bills. Unfortunately, they’re a necessary evil.

Weirdly I was asked this a while ago. Short answer? No. I take a great deal of care when reviewing products or offering tips. I’ve been led down the garden path with bad purchases over the years due to bad recommendations. I don’t want that to happen to you.

No, this would be down to the provider; you’d need to take it up with them.

Nope, far from it! I (totally) get why you’d think that! From the outset, I clarify that any product review will have the good and the bad mentioned.

I do my best to give you all the insight I can provide, arming you with information and leaving it down to you to decide whether or not it’s worthy of a purchase/download.

Adverts/sponsors help generate income for me to keep the lights on. I don’t get paid for running LayerWP; it’s a passion project solely owned by yours truly.

This revenue helps with the costs of running the site (as do affiliate links/reviews); I have a full-time job and need my spare time to generate revenue. We all have bills to pay, and this revenue helps me buy new products to test, review, offer tips, etc.

I am selective about who I let advertise on LayerWP and will not allow ads from disreputable companies.