Contact Me.

If you want to get in touch, this page is for you. Cunningly titled contact me.
Rather obvious; however, it serves a purpose.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Me For The Following

As much as I’d love to hear from you (and I really would), I’d like to set the record straight. Please only use the form for getting in touch if your message meets the following criteria:

  • You need help with WordPress (I can try to help); no coding help, though!​
  • You’d like to advertise on LayerWP.​
  • You want me to review your product.​
  • Other (please specify using the message box)​

Don’t Get In Touch If….

  • You offer SEO services.
  • You can design a site for $5.00.
  • You have a product on Themeforest/CodeCanyon; not interested, thanks.
  • You have a fortune in Emeralds and need my bank details.
  • Need my bank details for any reason.
  • Can offer PSD To WordPress theme services.
  • Are a Fiverr designer pitching for work. 
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