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Welcome one and all to LayerWP, it’s a WordPress powered blog about WordPress. I can hear you groaning by the way. 

LayerWP is different if you’d like to find out more, take a look at the below.


Good to know

Are you thinking of buying a WordPress theme?

Take a look at my ultimate WordPress theme buying guide. It’s packed with tips to make sure you purchase the right WordPress theme for your needs.

With over ten years of experience in buying themes for WordPress, it’s an eye-opener.

How do I review WordPress products?

I like to go in-depth with WordPress reviews. You need all the information you can get on buying WordPress products.

Don’t get stuck with a lemon, find out more about my review process, and how it can help you make the right choice on choosing a WordPress theme/plugin or service.

A newsletter that doesn’t suck.

I’m not too fond of junk email newsletters and spam in general. I don’t do either of those.

If you’re looking for a quality newsletter that doesn’t just bleat on about LayerWP and offers news from other WordPress blogs, you’re going to love mine.

Something for everyone

Take a look through my reviews.

If you like your WordPress theme/plugin, service or hosting reviews served up with a pinch of honesty, you’ll love what I have to offer.

No-nonsense reviews, helping you make the right choice when it comes to WordPress products.

WordPress tutorials.

I’m no coder granted. So don’t expect long in-depth code tutorials.

What you can expect is simple, easy to follow tutorials on how to get the most out of WordPress.

Whether it’s a plugin tutorial or theme guide, I keep it straightforward at all times.

Interviews with WordPress makers.

I like to put a face to a name. Here you can read interviews with people in the WordPress world. 

Join me as I pose some questions, get answers, and maybe learn a trick or two from developers and service providers.