Hi I’m Ben. I Run LayerWP.

New to WordPress? I was too; if you’re new and love tutorials, reviews, what to buy, and what not to buy, you’re going to love LayerWP.

Ben @ LayerWP

The WordPress Onion. Say What?

WordPress is not unlike an onion, as it has layers, lots of them. There’s the administration layer, content layer, layout, design, learning WordPress themes, plugins, and more.

Phew sounds like a lot, right? That’s where LayerWP comes in.

WordPress is similar to an onion

LayerWP To The Rescue.

LayerWP is unlike other blogs about WordPress; there’s less fluff, more useful content that can help you on your *cough (I hate the word Journey) “Blogging Journey.”

Nobody ever said learning WordPress or reading how-tos, reviews, and such had to be boring. It should be fun.

Great Scott Marty!

If you’re new to WordPress (as I was many moons ago), you’re probably inundated with blogs about WP. I’ll be honest if you were anything like me in the beginning; it’s overwhelming.

I’ve worn the t-shirt, bought the mug. I’ve been there where you are now. Why listen to me? Why read my content? Simple. I’ve written the content on LayerWP for me, me in the past.

Reaching out through time and space, telling myself this is what you’ll need to know.

WordPress Time Travel
LayerWP Help & Guidance

No Fluff. No Nonsense.

I write for humans; I write people like your good self. In an easy to understand way, I’m not a developer; I’m a user.

All the content on LayerWP is designed to help you, the end-user, tackling problems, offering solutions with help, support, advice, and guidance.

WordPress isn’t easy; as I said, there are many layers to it, that’s why LayerWP exists, to help you as a user.

What’s Happening On The Blog?

Why not take a look through some of my latest blog posts? I’ve got reviews, tips, interviews, and more for your viewing pleasure.

Choose A Category

If you prefer to narrow things down via category, choose from one of the below and fill your boots.

WordPress Reviews Minus The BS.

I specialize in reviewing WordPress products; that’s where my true passion lies. There’s nothing more fun than putting a WordPress product through its paces.

Tips & Tutorials.

Playing with WordPress products creates ideas and solutions. Can it do X? Can it do Y? It’s here; you’ll find a collection of tutorials based on my experiences with WordPress themes, plugins, and services.

Interviews With WordPress Makers.

Meet the people behind the product, join me as I talk to fellow bloggers, WordPress theme/plugin makers, and more besides. Read recommendations other than my own from WordPress pros.

General Thoughts & Opinions.

Thoughts on WordPress, blogging, and general waffle from yours truly. Plus updates on how LayerWP is progressing and the “Journey” ewwww.

WordPress Parodies.

Writing about WordPress ALL the time can be, well, it can be a little dull. I like to mix things up with some humor, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea humor wise, but I do like a giggle. Enjoy.

Video Reviews/Tips

Video content is a relatively new venture for me; however, I will be creating video reviews, how-tos, and more on my YouTube channel.

What Do Readers Think Of LayerWP?

“I have to admit… LayerWP is not your typical WordPress blog. If most blogs want to sell you the Sun and the Moon, LayerWP is focusing on education and transparency. If you want to start a business based on WordPress, or just want to learn more about WordPress, you’re in the right spot.”

Mihai from SliceWP

Mihai Iova

Owner of SliceWP