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Inspired by The Million Dollar Homepage from way back when I wanted to try something different, hence the WordPress million dollar page!

I’ll be honest here; there aren’t a million pixels available; believe me, I tried to get a million pixels, but in truth? Well, it was more problematic than it was worth, so I’ve kept it much smaller.

The idea is old, granted; it’s a bit of fun on my part and will stay up the entire site life. I’ll keep adding blocks as and when people purchase them.

Fingers crossed, this has hundreds of blocks from WordPress businesses, tools, and websites!

How It Works

Simple, fill in the form, choose your block size, and make payment. Each block will link to a website, so remember to add a link to your content, product, or service.

This is a one-time charge, with no annual subscriptions; pay once, that’s it.

Customer Feedback

“Running a bootstrapped plugin business means we need to pick and choose our battles when it comes to marketing. I watched as Ben started to build out the million-dollar $ page and really liked the idea. So much so that I decided to buy a few spots on there for us. We saw a nice uptick in traffic and had several pre-sale questions from this. Our main goal for doing this was just to help get our name out there a little, the fact we got pre-sale questions was a complete win for us as a team.”
  • Please allow 24 hours for your addition to the grid.
  • All ad slots are 160px by 160px so please ensure your image is square and bigger than 160px (preferably like 200px etc.)
  • Please double-check the URL you use (believe it or not, people have spelled it wrong).
  • This is a one-time payment with no recurring charges and no subscriptions; you pay once; that’s it!
  • All new additions to the Million Dollar Page will follow in sequential order. In other words newest first!

Ready to place an order?

If you’re ready to place an order and join the Million Dollar Page, order your slot below! All slots cost $150.00 (plus local taxes, if applicable). I use Lemon Squeezy for payments, so after you’ve filled the form in you’ll be prompted for payment! That’s it, that’s all there is to it. Nice and simple, and I like simple.

Million Dollar Ad Slots