About LayerWP & me.

Who am I? Why should you listen to me?

So who am I?

My names Ben, I’ve been using WordPress for what seems like forever. I’m an avid writer by choice, not by necessity, and love creating content about WordPress, whether it’s how-to’s, reviews, or general opinion.

It’s my go-to platform for building websites, whether it’s personal projects, sites for friends or family, and obviously in the creation of LayerWP.

Some have even said they love how I put things together. Thanks, Mum.

I've written some things.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have written for some leading names in WordPress. Truly blessed, I’ve had a lot of fun creating content for a number of WordPress businesses. Below are just some of the top notch companies I’ve written for, there are more, but NDA’s are a wonderful thing. 

DesignFrame Solutions

Easy to follow, informative, no fluff.

Easy to understand​

I write in an easy to understand way, making sure the content, whether it’s a guide or review is written in a way that benefits you.

Either by helping you learn something new or by helping you decide on whether a plugin/theme or service is right for your needs based on my findings.

Tips & tutorials

Don’t expect in-depth articles on coding or anything like that. Not because I don’t want to you understand, I’m not a coder, and I’d be lying if I said I was.

The last thing I want to do is mislead you, so if you’re looking for coding tips, etc., I’m not for you.

No allegiance

I don’t recommend specific themes or plugins all the time.

I like to mix things up and try new WordPress products. The world would be boring if it were always the same old same old plugins and themes getting a mention.

Reasons to read LayerWP

There is a wealth of WordPress blogs about WordPress on the web, some better than others. Why bother reading what I put out there?

Well, I’ll be honest; I’m different; I don’t follow any hard and fast set rules. LayerWP is a place for me to share my experiences, whether that’s from performing reviews, giving tutorials, or a general opinion piece.

I tell it like it is. Yup, I do. If I review a WordPress theme or plugin/service, I’ll give you an honest verdict based on my experience. No bluff, if there’s something wrong or something I didn’t like, I’ll tell you.

If it’s excellent, I’ll tell you. I have no allegiance to anyone, which means I can be impartial and offer a truthful account of a WordPress product.

  • I set my own rules.
  • I write about what I want to write about.
  • I share my experiences.
  • I don’t mince my words.
  • I don’t B.S. and never mislead.
  • I’m a WordPress consumer, I want to help consumers.
  • My WordPress reviews are performed in a real-world environment.
  • If I spot a fault in a product during a review, I’ll tell you. Not gloss over it.
  • I don’t spin theme documentation for affiliate income.
  • I test and retest, if I encounter a problem with a product, I’ll give you the solution I used.
  • This is my space my blog, I have no allegiance with any theme provider, plugin maker, or service company.
  • I’m an independent blogger, and proud to be so.