Feedback from readers of LayerWP, that was nice of them, right?

What do readers think of layerWP?

I could blow my own horn, but I value my readers’ opinions. It pushes me forwards and keeps me going, so to answer the question, here’s what readers think of my little slice of the internet.

no-BS WordPress reviews

“LayerWP is one of my favorite WordPress review blogs. It offers no-BS WordPress reviews and entertaining content, which is unique in the WordPress space. I highly recommend bookmarking and visiting this website often.”

a breath of fresh air

“It’s not very often within the WP space we have a blog that offers no BS! It’s a breath of fresh air without reading “top 10 bla bla” posts. LayerWP’s level of trust, transparency, and openness is something others should aim for.”

honest, fair reviews

“Honest reviews aren’t always the norm in WordPress. Ben has made it his mission to fix that. LayerWP is an excellent source of honest, fair reviews of WordPress plugins that won’t steer you wrong.”

profoundly stands out

“LayerWP profoundly stands out in providing precise use case information about WordPress products for informed decision making to fit specific WordPress goodness in your web agency or freelancer life!”
Davinder Singh Kainth

not your typical WordPress blog

“I have to admit… LayerWP is not your typical WordPress blog. If most blogs want to sell you the Sun and the Moon, LayerWP focuses on education and transparency. If you want to start a business based on WordPress or want to learn more about WordPress, you’re in the right spot.”

no hidden agendas

“LayerWP is an honest WordPress blog that provides end-users authentic reviews and tutorials. An absence of bias, no hidden agendas, and integrity make LayerWP a rare resource you can trust for your WordPress needs.”