About Simple WooCommerce Order Approval

With this plugin, you can quickly create approval rules for your shop orders on WooCommerce based on several characteristics of the customer or the cart.

Here are the types of rules possible to create and a use case for each one:

  • All orders need approval – You don’t hold stock, or you need to fabricate all the products, and you need to check if you can supply before allowing the customer to pay
  • Orders from certain user groups need approval – You need to pre-approve orders from B2B or professional customers to whom you previously assigned a user role.
  • Orders above a certain value need approval – You want to verify the authenticity of high-valued orders.
  • Orders from certain countries need approval – You’re getting fraudulent orders from some origins and you need to manually approve those from certain countries or states.
  • Orders to deliver in certain areas need approval – You can’t automatically calculate the delivery costs to some shipping zones and you need to request a quote before allowing payment.
  • A category of your products can’t be purchased without approval – Some of your product categories (like firearms, prescription drugs, or alcoholic beverages) need extra validation, for example, getting legal purchase authorization from the customer.
  • Specific products can’t be purchased without approval – Some or a single of your products need to be fabricated or have any other particularity that makes it not possible to sell before checking delivery times.
  • Pre-approval of orders with products on backorder – You need to check with your supplier if they have the products in stock before you accept payment from your customer.

If these rules are not enough for your scenario, the plugin has a developer filter that allows you to create your own rules.

You can also define that for some user roles (like Administrators, Shop Managers, or Reseller customers) all approval rules are ignored, and orders are automatically accepted.

The workflow is very simple:

  • If the order needs approval, the customer will be informed of that during checkout, and no payment options are shown;
  • The order is set to the custom “Needs approval” status and the shop owner is notified;
  • The shop owner can approve the order by changing it to the custom “Approved” status and the customer gets a notification with the payment link;
  • The regular WooCommerce workflow is resumed after payment.

Screenshots of Simple WooCommerce Order Approval

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Simple WooCommerce Order Approval

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Create simple rules for order approval for your WooCommerce orders. Allow the customer to pay only after the order is approved by your shop staff.

License Type: Premium