About Fatal Error Notify

Traditional uptime monitoring services can let you know when your entire site stops working, but they miss out on errors on specific pages or errors triggered via specific interactions— for example broken checkouts, failed form submissions, API call timeouts, etc.

Fatal Error Notify solves this problem by detecting errors on your site, and then (you guessed it!) notifying you 🎉

Notifications can be send via email in the free version, and additionally via Slack or SMS in the pro version.


  • Configurable sensitivity: Select which type of alerts you’d like to receive. Get notified for every little bug, or just when your site completely crashes.
  • Pause notifications: Error notifications include a link to pause either that specific error, or errors from that entire plugin or theme.
  • Stealth mode (Pro): Prevent your clients from disabling or changing settings. Plugin will only be visible to selected administrators.
  • Multisite (Pro): Network activate the plugin and configure notifications for every blog on your network.
  • Plugin integrations (Pro): Receive error notifications from popular plugins like WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, WP Fusion, and WP Mail SMTP.

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Fatal Error Notify

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Fatal Error Notify, does what it says on the tin— sends you a notification when your WordPress site has an error.

License Type: Freemium