A New AI-Powered Free SEO Keyword Research Tool: Get Ahead of Your Competitors!



A free keyword research tool? For free? Like really? As in free…

Yes, it’s free; no, you don’t have to pay. No credit card is required nothing. I’m always skeptical about free tools, whether it’s free ones for SEO, image generation, and such. 

Maybe it’s because I’m old and constantly think, where is the catch? 

One minute you’re using it, enjoying yourself; the next? Well, you’ve subscribed to their email list, agreed to give up your firstborn, and probably added your card details for access.

We’ve all been there; we’ve all done it for those of you who gave up your firstborn, hats off to you. Nobody gives away anything for free, but there are ways to do it that aren’t shady. 

In this case, it’s not shady (I’m pleased to say!)

TL;DR:- Check out the tool here.

Disclaimer: This is a paid-for review of a new AI-powered keyword research tool. There are no affiliate links in this review. All findings and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way, shape or form.

Who’s behind this new free keyword SEO tool?

Glad you asked; it’s a gentleman called Ryan Robinson. To the uninitiated, Ryan has been blogging for ages and managed to build up some successful web properties of his own.

Ryan offers a range of blogging courses built from his personal experiences. You can find out more about the courses on offer here.

Ryan Robinsons Website

Offering a free keyword research tool makes sense in Ryan’s case. It’s a great way to generate more exposure for his services and courses. 

This caught my eye on his site and made me trust him even more:

Call a spade a spade. No BS. Like it.

Initial thoughts on Ryan’s New keyword tool

What I like about this tool initially is there are no hoops to jump through. Ryan wants to help people (from what I can tell), which in SEO land, is a rarity. Everyone wants a piece of you when they give something away.

That is not the case here. No sign-up and no subscription via email for access is required, which is refreshing

An AI Powered SEO Keyword tool? Eh?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is all the rage these days. Hell, it’s a booming industry in its own right, with plenty of SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings springing up to capitalize on this latest trend.

Screenshot of Ryan’s new AI-Powered SEO Keyword Idea Tool

I’m kind of into AI. I like the idea and the potential help it can offer. Hey, anything to streamline my time, I’m in.

I’ll bite

This isn’t a WordPress plugin (I think we all can establish that), but if it could help bloggers? Well, I’ve got to mention it, plus I’ve been paid to write about it.

Seriously though, could this help you as a blogger?

Let’s find out and put it through its paces.

Hands-on with Ryans AI Powered SEO Keyword Tool

I thought I’d test this out with some WordPress-related shenanigans. Seeing as the site is about WP, it makes sense to do just that.

So, me being me, the keyword I chose was WordPress SEO.

Let’s see what happened 👇

Results for the keywords: WordPress SEO

Yeh, I’m a pain in the rear. I’ve chosen one of the most searched-for things in WP land. The above screenshot doesn’t take into account the 50 other results.

Yes, 50.

In total (for this keyword), Ryan’s tool output 54 results.

SEO Keywords generated

After some fiddling around, I’ve put the results into a table for you to view. Why? Because the screenshot would look like the opening credits to Star Wars.

wordpress seo1.9kvery high
seo135kvery high
seo on wordpress1.9kvery high
wordpress-seo1.9kvery high
wordpress seo plugins1kvery high
wp plugin for seo1khigh
seo plugin wordpress1khigh
wordpress seo plugin1khigh
seo wordpress plugin1kvery high
wordpress-seo plugin1khigh
best seo plugins for wordpress880very high
best plugin seo wordpress880very high
best wordpress seo plugin880very high
wordpress seo optimizer320very high
seo optimize wordpress320very high
wordpress seo optimization320very high
seo tips wordpress210high
wordpress seo tips210high
seo tips for wordpress210high
seo wordpress tips210high
yoast seo tutorials140high
how to improve seo on wordpress110very high
seo in wordpress tutorial70high
wordpress improve seo70very high
improve seo wordpress70very high
wordpress and seo70very high
wordpress seo tutorial70very high
tutorial seo wordpress70very high
seo for wordpress websites50very high
how to seo in wordpress50very high
how to seo on wordpress50very high
wordpress seo website50very high
wordpress seo without a plugin40low
wordpress seo without plugins40very high
what is a seo plugin40medium
seo wordpress without plugin40low
how to add seo to wordpress40high
what is an seo plugin40medium
what is seo plugin40high
wordpress seo without plugin40low
seo wordpress site40very high
seo on wordpress sites40very high
google seo wordpress40very high
how to use seo in wordpress30high
yoast seo wordpress tutorial20low
wordpress yoast seo tutorial20high
wordpress seo yoast tutorial20high
seo wordpress guide20very high
how to add keywords in wordpress without plugins20low
wordpress website seo tutorial10low
seo widget wordpress10very high
wordpress blog seo tips10low
seo booster wordpress10low
The output of Keyword tool

As you can see from the above, we have KEYWORD, VOLUME (Searches for the word/phrase), and DIFFICULTY.

  • VOLUME: This shows us a monthly search volume from Google.
  • DIFFICULTY: Tells you the competition you’ll face if you’re looking to try to rank for the keyword/phrase. The results are, Very High, High, Medium, and Low.

Those of you paying attention to the table results may have noticed one row that’s highlighted:

what is a seo plugin40medium
Let’s play with this result

Content idea generation

Here’s where it gets interesting. Going back to the Keyword Tool, you’ll see the following:

See the lightbulb?

The lightbulb gives you ideas and inspiration for writing about this phrase. Let’s see what happens.

Ideas for content!

Now, this is pretty cool, all I did was click on the lightbulb, and within a few seconds, I had a range of content ideas for that phrase. All are categorized for you to pick something to focus on.

The phrase I’ve picked probably isn’t the best example, but it gives you an idea of what is possible. I like how it’s broken down into General Ideas, Are, How, and so on.

For those of you who write content regularly, there’s sure to be something you can pick out from the suggestions.

Ideas tab

The ideas tab in the Keyword tool interface does precisely the same thing as the lightbulb next to the keyword/phrase.

Again, this is where it gets interesting!

Let’s pick something from the screenshots above; er, hmmm? I’ll go with the following: what is an SEO plugin?

Clicking on the title of the phrase will open up a new tab, and you’ll be greeted with this:

Yup, an AI-Powered blog title generator. Sweet.

An AI Powered Blog Title Generator (also free)

That’s pretty cool. We know the keyword/phrase has a medium difficulty, but generating a title for it?

I’m stumped; I need some inspiration, so let’s see what’s on offer; I’m going to hit GENERATE IDEAS.

Let’s see what this puppy can do.

Blog titles generated for us, some decent suggestions!

Generated Blog Titles Output:

  • What is an SEO Plugin and How Can It Improve Your Website?
  • The Benefits of Using an SEO Plugin to Boost Your Site
  • How to Choose the Right SEO Plugin for Your Website
  • The Top 5 SEO Plugins for Maximum Visibility
  • The Ultimate Guide to Installing and Configuring an SEO Plugin
  • Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Your Website Using an SEO Plugin
  • Debunking the Myths About SEO Plugins and Their Benefits
  • What Features Should You Look for in an SEO Plugin?
  • The Different Types of SEO Plugins and Their Uses
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your SEO Plugin Installation

I’ve got to admit; these look pretty darn good.

The ability to copy the title via the folder icon on the right is a nice touch. You can always generate more blog titles if the output does not convince you.

While these could be blog post titles, there’s nothing to stop you from adding them as headers in your post. You could keep generating ideas and cherry-pick subheaders and such.

Playing with an idea

I make no secret I’m a big fan of the Blocksy WordPress theme (not an affiliate link, BTW); I love it. I need to review it, and I need to generate content for it.

My mind is blank; I need inspiration; what should I target from an SEO phrase viewpoint? What title will capture people’s interest?

Let’s take Ryan’s Free AI Powered SEO Keyword Research Tool for a spin (or RFAPSKRT for short), see what it throws up, and find out if it can help me.

So using the keyword tool, I’ve given it a prompt 👇

My search criteria for RFAPSKRT, for the record, I couldn’t even pronounce that if I tried.

So, after running this (it’s super, super quick, by the way), this is what it puts out:

blocksy theme390very high
blocksy themes390high
blocksy wp theme110very high
blocksy wordpress theme90high
blocksy wordpress70low
blocksy pro50low
blocksy theme wordpress40very high
blocksy theme review20low
blocksy review20low
wordpress blocksy20high
blocksy templates20low
blocksy theme download10low
blocksy theme390very high
blocksy themes390high
blocksy wp theme110very high
blocksy wordpress theme90high
blocksy wordpress70low
blocksy pro50low
blocksy theme wordpress40very high
blocksy theme review20low
blocksy review20low
wordpress blocksy20high
blocksy templates20low
blocksy theme download10low

Looking at this data and with a review of Blocksy in mind tells me a lot of things.

This shapes the idea; it helps me think about what I need to write; this could be an excellent post. People are searching for more info on Blocksy.

I’ll take it a step further; let’s look at some ideas for this post.

blocksy themeis blocksy theme freehow to customize blocksy themewhat is blocksy themeis blocksy theme freeblocksy theme for wordpressis blocksy theme freeblocksy theme with elementorblocksy theme with elementor
blocksy themeblocksy theme vs astra theme
blocksy theme demois blocksy theme fasthow to use blocksy themeis blocksy theme freeis blocksy theme fastblocks theme for toddlersis blocksy theme fastblocksy theme for wordpressblocksy theme for wordpressblocksy theme wordpressblocksy theme vs kadence theme
blocksy theme reviewblocksy theme reviewis blocksy theme freewhat is theme *blocksy theme reviewblocks theme for preschoolblocksy theme reviewis blocksy theme freeis blocksy theme freeblocksy theme demo
blocksy theme tutorialis oceanwp theme freehow to summon barrier blockswhat is the theme of the wavehow to make it so creepers don’t destroy blocksblocksy theme contact formblocksy theme reviewblocksy theme reviewblocksy theme review
blocksy theme examplesblocksy theme reviewis oceanwp theme freeis blocksy theme freeblocksy theme documentation
blocksy theme downloadblocksy theme reviewblocksy theme download
blocksy theme documentationblocksy theme tutorial
blocksy theme problocksy theme pro
blocksy theme vs astra themeblocksy theme woocommerce
blocksy theme elementorblocksy theme templates
That’s a lot of info!

Casting aside the junk, there’s plenty to go on. Some excellent and interesting suggestions are available for creating a blog post. Or, in this case, a review!

Whatever you decide to go for (and in my case), I’ve decided to click on “Blocksy theme review” via the idea suggestions; we need to generate some title ideas.

Onwards to the Blog Title Generator!

What blog titles can it generate? I’ve already mentioned I’m stuck, so inspire me damn it!

Generated titles:

  • Blocksy Theme Review: A Comprehensive Overview
  • Blocksy Theme Review: The Pros and Cons
  • Blocksy Theme Review: An In-Depth Look at Its Features
  • Blocksy Theme Review: How to Get the Most Out of It
  • Blocksy Theme Review: Is It the Right Choice For Your Website?
  • Blocksy Theme Review: The Benefits of Using It
  • Blocksy Theme Review: How Easy It Is to Use
  • Blocksy Theme Review: A Comparison to Other Popular Themes
  • Blocksy Theme Review: What You Need to Know Before Buying
  • Blocksy Theme Review: What Makes It Stand Out From the Rest

This is sweet.

I have everything I need to get started. A bunch of keywords/phrases and some sexy blog titles to boot.

Final verdict and thoughts

Would I use this? Yes. Would I rely on this information? Maybe

Here’s the maybe. From what I can glean from using the keyword tool, I’m (assuming) this data is from Google.com. Now while that’s cool and all, this might not be the perfect fit for someone (for example) based in the UK.

Search engine results vary, depending on locales. If you used this tool to target specific keywords, your country’s results could be different.

Is it good for what it does? Yes. It’s super quick, and the results are fascinating. The SEO Keyword tool and the blog post title generator are easy to use.

The fact that it’s free is a significant bonus. Compared to other solutions, it’s very user-friendly. The UI is sleek AF.

Pretty much anyone could generate ideas and do research in a few clicks.

What could be better?

I’m going to sound like a prize a**hole for this (especially as it’s free).

  • The ability to download the data in a spreadsheet.
  • Setting a locale. To gain significant traction, the ability to set the parameters as google.com and google.co.uk could help massively.
  • Filtering, it would have been nice to filter the results based on criteria, such as DIFFICULTY, low to high. Or VOLUME, low to high, etc.

That said, this is a free tool. Should you bookmark it? 100%. Is it easy to use? Yes. Could it help you craft better content? 100%.

Would I use it moving forwards? 100%.

Did I use the blog title generator for this review? Yes!

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