About Taxonomy/Term and Role based Discounts for WooCommerce

Quickly create pricing discount rules for several products based on its terms in any taxonomy, whether it’s a WooCommerce built-in taxonomy, like the product category, product tag, product type (simple, variable, …), shipping class, any product attribute, or custom taxonomies created by 3rd party plugins, for example, product brand.

Here are the types of discounts possible to create:

  • Percentage discounts – Set a percentage discount and the possibility to set a minimum quantity of that product in the cart for the discount to be applied.
  • Buy x get y free (BOGO) – Offer y items when x are bought and the possibility to set a maximum number of free items, if the rule is matched more than once.
  • “Stop – no discount” – Make sure a determined set of products never has a discount applied even if they match another rule.

Creating the discount rules is a very straightforward task, although powerful controls are available:

  • Choose the taxonomy (for example, product category);
  • Choose the term of that taxonomy (for example, t-shirts);
  • Set the user role to which the rule applies or leave it active for everyone;
  • Choose the type of discount and its particular settings and values to apply;
  • Exclude (or don’t) products already on sale because a “sale price” was specifically set on the product;
  • Set a discount priority (only one rule is applied per product, so the priority is important if one product matches several rules);
  • Disable (or don’t) coupons for products that match a rule;
  • Disable (or don’t) shipping methods when a rule is matched on the cart (for example, no free shipping if a specific discount is applied);
  • Set the rule as active or not, and between each date (and time) it’s valid for;

If you don’t want to use any public or built-in taxonomy, the plugin has its built-in private taxonomy called “discount tag” which you can use to group products only for discount rules purposes.

The plugin is WPML compatible, for muti-language shops, and you can set different rules per taxonomy term in each language.

In some legislations, you are obliged to show on the product page information about the discount, like the percentage and date of start/finish of the promotion. The Pro Add-on allows that information to be shown automatically both on the product page and on the product listings.

Screenshots of Taxonomy/Term and Role based Discounts for WooCommerce

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Taxonomy/Term and Role based Discounts for WooCommerce

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Instead of going through each product and setting a sale price, this plugin allows the creation of discount rules for WooCommerce products based on their category, tag, or any other taxonomy terms (built-in or custom).

License Type: Freemium