About User Menus

If your WordPress site allows user account creation and login, the User Menus plugin is essential. It grants you control over who sees specific items in your navigation menus. For instance, you can hide the logout link from guests and the login link from logged-in users.

Moreover, the plugin lets you tailor menu visibility based on user roles. If you prefer to keep certain links exclusive to admins, User Menus can make them visible only to those users. Similarly, you can showcase links to premium site sections exclusively to users with a ‘Pro Subscription’ role.

This plugin also enables you to add a personal touch to the navigation menu by displaying user information. You can display their name, email address, username, or avatar image. This feature can enhance the user experience by making it more personalized.


  • Add logout, login, and register links that direct users to a specific page upon completion.
  • Customize which menu items are visible based on the user’s role.
  • Adjust the visibility of menu items depending on the user’s login status.
  • Show user details like name, email, username, first name, and last name in the menu for a personalized touch.
  • Include the userโ€™s avatar in the menu for visual personalization.

Screenshots of User Menus

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User Menus

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The User Menus plugin for WordPress enhances site navigation by customizing menu visibility based on user login status, roles, or subscription levels. It allows for a more personalized experience by showing user details like names and avatars in the menu. Ideal for sites with account creation, it supports adding specific links for different users, such as login, logout, and registration, tailored to enhance user interaction and site management.

License Type: Free