Novashare Video Review

Don’t laugh but this is my first ever review of a product using the method of Video, I now have a YouTube channel (I’m so down man).

In this channel, I will be reviewing WordPress themes, plugins, and in this case, my first ever, the Novashare social sharing plugin.

For those of you who favor the written word, please do take a look at my in-depth Novashare review. I know not everyone likes Youtube, so I’m trying to cover both bases, so to speak.

Feedback is welcome on the Video review of Novashare; if I talk too quickly, please let me know, have questions on it, and leave a comment.

I’ll do my level best to help where I can!

The video:

YouTube video

Don’t like video?

No problem. I read you. If you’d prefer to read my review in the written form take a look at my in-depth review of the Novashare plugin.

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Written By Ben

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