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Had an idea, and I’m not alone on this one; many other WordPress blogs do roundups of the best Black Friday deals for WordPress. So I thought, why not join the fold with my very own page? 

In truth, I ran a poll on Twitter:

WordPress Black Friday 2021 poll on Twitter

The poll is still running as we speak, I’ve decided based on feedback to switch things up. Initially, I would charge for listings on my WordPress Black Friday 2021 deal submission page. Many people got involved and had a load of DMs on Twitter, some supporting the idea, and others not so much. 

I had some Black Friday haters who stated they offer decent pricing all year round and that it’s not for them. Can’t argue with that logic, Black Friday, for many WordPress owners, is a pain in the rear.

For others, it’s an opportunity to sell more services, WordPress plugins/themes. There will always be two camps when it comes to this, and I get both sides of the coin.

Charging for WordPress Black Friday deals.

It wasn’t me being greedy, you understand, my primary focus is on not using affiliate links, so it was a way for me to generate revenue, without succumbing to the usage of said links.

I have no issue with blogs using affiliate links when posting Black Friday deals, they can be a massive earner for higher-profile blogs. I’ll be honest here, LayerWP isn’t a high-profile blog, I’m working to change that. 

My approach is honesty and communication, and networking with readers/developers. This to me is far more fun and interesting than simply pasting a bunch of affiliate links and making bank.

I’m not a fan of list posts, anyone who knows me knows this to be true.

Running a WordPress Black Friday deals page, you hypocrite.

Ben, you’re a bit of a hypocrite, running a Black Friday deals page for WordPress products, is a list post no?

Fair enough, totally respect that. Here’s why I think running my own WordPress Black Friday page is a good idea.

Or, I should say, I think you’ll like it and why it’s different.

I’m making it free to submit to.

A couple of things came up in various tweets and DMs, some were happy to pay, others said it depended on traffic to the blog. I can’t in all good conscience charge a listing fee if the page doesn’t get any traffic.

Plus it’s not like the page is going to stay there forever, once Black Friday is over, I’ll redirect the page. So speaking with a couple of good people on Twitter, they said do it for nothing.

Sell it on the fact you’re not using affiliate links, and you’re curating the deals, so no junk falls through the cracks. 

Both excellent points, so that’s what I’m doing, opening up applications from developers/business owners, to submit their upcoming deals, and setting a time limit when the deal is up, etc.

No special treatment, first come, first served.

There will be five categories for developers/business owners, they are as follows:

  • WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Gutenberg Plugins
  • Web Hosting for WordPress
  • Tools (non WordPress based, productivity etc. )

The above categories could of course change, no point in having a category if there are no entries for it!

Ready to run your WordPress Black Friday 2021 deal?

If you are, I’d love to have you on board, it would be awesome! I’m working hard on making the Black Friday page fun, engaging and memorable, and with your support it could be something special. I like to do things differently 🙂

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the WordPress landing page for deal submissions for this Black Friday 2021 and submit your wares! Or use the blatantly obvious button below 👇👇👇

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