Using Pinterest & The Novashare Plugin?

If you are using the Novashare social sharing plugin for WordPress and use Pinterest, things have gotten even better.

Make no mistake I rate the Novashare plugin, highly in fact. Don’t believe me? Check out the review I did a few weeks ago.

Pinterest lovers rejoice, Novashare has implemented some new features to whet your appetite.

Pinterest and Novashare
New Pinterest Option in Novashare

If you’re using Novashare or thinking of using the social sharing plugin, then the welcome addition of Pinterest image pins is a game-changer.

Many bloggers use social media plugins for WordPress to enable Pins on images, and now you can using Novashare.

Pinterest settings for images

When adding an image via the WordPress block editor, there are a few more settings for Pinterest fans.

  • Pin Title:- This deals with the title of the pin and its display on Pinterest.
  • Pin Description:- Here, you can add a description of the pin itself.

Unfortunately, as you will see from the image shown above, Pinterest does not accept the description of a pin at this stage. Novashare is future-proofing with a description box, in case that does happen.

Pin Repin ID:- This one is interesting, if you have a pin on Pinterest already, you can cut and paste the ID of the Pin and add it here.

Cut and Paste Your Pin ID

Why? Well, it will count towards your share count for that particular pin if, of course, you have shared counts enabled on your website.

I’m sure you can agree these new features are pretty darn awesome! Nice to see the plugin is evolving with demand, if you get a chance, definitely check it out.

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