30 Best WordPress Themes 2020 Edition (Parody)



What Are The Best WordPress Themes?

It’s a question many people ask, and today I’m going to showcase 30 of the best WordPress themes from around the web for 2020.

If you’re looking for a shiny new look and have some cash to spare, I’m going to list the best themes to part you from your hard-earned money.

There’s going to be a shed load of affiliate links in this post, and being honest, I’m going to make thousands from this.

What Makes These WordPress Themes The Best?

Well, I’ll be honest; I have no clue.

There’s 30, I could go through every one of them and test each one. Where’s the fun in that?

It will stop me from posting the article and prevent me from making money from your affiliate link clicks as you blindly take the advice from a stranger.

So How Do I Know Which WordPress Theme Is Best For My Needs?

Oh well, that’s simple.

Take a look below for how everything breaks down. I’ve carefully added in some catchy headers to mislead you deliberately and get you to click on the affiliate links. Noice.

Top 30 WordPress Themes Round Up How It Works

You’ll see in my 2020 edition of the best WordPress themes, I have an image showing the best WordPress theme in particular, which is an affiliate link, so if you click on that, I get paid as well.

Under each WordPress theme recommendations image, I’ve lazily added in some blurb about the theme, listing all the positivesno negatives.

No point on listing the negatives, it will put you off buying the theme. Also, to make you aware, at some point, I’m going to get bored and may well end up cutting and pasting the theme description from the developers.

Then I might mix it up or reword it.

So if the above sounds useful to you, take a look through my best WordPress themes for 2020, don’t forget to click on the affiliate links.

If I’ve helped you in anyway please do leave a comment, I love to hear from people who give one word replies, so look forward to lots of fake comments saying thanks for the list and stuff.

30 Best WordPress Themes ever so far in 2020

It’s only June, but what a year am I right? Crazy times. Despite that, these WordPress themes are the best so far in 2020.

I’ll change the title next year to 2021 and redirect the link to make it look FRESH on Google. You’ll probably work this out by seeing some of the comments are from last year.

I think the following title should work:

30 Best WordPress themes ever for 2021

Some of the themes in the list will probably have died off by then. Or haven’t been updated for a year.

You don’t care, though, right? You want to see the shiny top WordPress themes, and I don’t blame you. I’m eager to get this started to relieve you of cash and use the money to buy a new laptop.

Let’s get this 2020 WordPress theme roundup started!

1. Boink WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme is responsive and perfect for funeral parlors, it’s got lots of features. And it’s good and that.

Plus, the developer pays me $999.00 to keep it at the top of this list post of best themes for WordPress, so there’s that.

The number one theme for Funeral parlors, share with your friends. People are dying to get their hands on Boink.

2. The Best WordPress theme it’s actually called Best

This WordPress theme is called best, and it makes this list post, purely because it’s called that. It’s responsive and has some social buttons or some nonsense.

The best WordPress theme ever? I don’t know I’ve never used it, it’s called the Best WordPress theme so that means it’s good right?

3. Antidisestablishmentarianism WordPress theme

I like this WordPress theme; it has pretty colors, and it’s straightforward to use. I’m lying. I’ve never used it; still, it’s on the list though and one of the best themes for WordPress.

Antidisestablishmentarianism WordPress theme if you can spell it they will come. 100% Awesome WordPress theme.

4. Cheese Cluster WordPress theme

If you’re a cheesemaker, look no further than the Cheese Cluster WordPress theme, the best template for cheesemakers.

Love cheese. With the Cheese Cluster WordPress theme you can spread your love of cheese. Something else cheese related here.

5. Best WordPress themes that are free WordPress theme

This one is called Best WordPress themes that are free. It costs $67.00. Still makes it on the list as it’s one of the best, plus its name is wicked cool.

The Best WordPress Themes That Are Free WordPress theme is one of the best and well worth using.

6. Did I spill something on in the inside of my Jacket WordPress theme

Love this theme for WordPress, it’s fantastic and for lovers of jackets it now supports WooCommerce, setting up your online store is easy now thanks to the Did I spill something on the inside of my jacket WordPress theme.

The best theme for WordPress for those who blog about spilling stuff on the inside their jacket. It’s so flexible.

7. Meathead WordPress theme

8. I like bags WordPress theme

The best WordPress theme for bags. It’s packed full of useful features and even has support for a plugin, can’t remember what it was, though.

I’m not too fond of bags, but I love this versatile, lightweight theme, it’s impressive and comes with many features right out of the bag.

Unfortunately, this didn’t make the number one slot in my best WordPress themes for 2020. I think it had something to do with its crap or something? I’ll be honest. I’ve had some wine now and getting bored.

10. I’m a Cat theme for WordPress

This one is a good theme, hic. It’s got a puttty cat on the front of it. Purrfect lol, hic. Bunch of features, ra, ra, waffle something about Elementor or bage pilders.

Buy the WordPress theme I’m a cat. It’s purrfect. Everyone loves cats, apart from dogs and allergy sufferers, and people who don’t like cats.

11. I’m Pretty Sure He’s Dead WordPress theme

With a page speed of 0 on mobile, The I’m Pretty Sure He’s Dead WordPress theme will help you climb up the rankings. With substantial SEO optimization, this theme is a sure-fire way to climb up the ranks.

SEO is at the forefront of the I’m Pretty Sure He’s Dead WordPress theme, so like there’s that.

12. SEO Theme For Better SEO for WordPress

If you’re looking to win in terms of SEO this theme is a winner. No need for an SEO plugin; this theme has absolutely everything you need to ensure you reach the top of Google and other search engines.

This WordPress theme is the best for SEO. It is good.

13. He’s Still Moving Hit Him Again theme for WordPress

He’s Still Moving Hit Him Again WordPress theme is phenomenal and well worth you buying like right now.

14. Did I leave the Iron On? Theme for WordPress

We’ve all done it; now you can blog about it with the Did I leave Iron On WordPress theme. Blogging about leaving the iron on just got easier.

Everyone loves to blog about irons. Never forget to blog about irons again with the Did I leave the Iron On? theme for WordPress.

15 . WordPress theme

. is a multi-purpose theme for WP. With over 6000 different elements to choose from, creating a website about . is an absolute breeze.

. WordPress theme perfect for making blogs about .

16. It hurts, don’t touch it then WordPress medical theme

If you run a medical practice and need a makeover the It hurts, don’t touch it then, WordPress theme is right up your street. Full of medical stuff and whatnot.

Can you say ouch? How about making a medical website with the It hurts, don’t touch it then WordPress theme.

17. List Post theme for WordPress

This one is a theme for WordPress that lets you create list posts about WordPress themes that are generally misleading, and it’s a firm favorite with a lot of blogs about WordPress.

A list post theme for WordPress, list things you’ve never tested, and make affiliate money off of unsuspecting visitors.

18 He can’t still be alive surely theme for WordPress

Another child theme for I’m Pretty Sure He’s Dead WordPress theme. The reason I’ve added this child theme is the theme author paid me to mention it again. And me being me, I’m not going to turn away money.

This theme is a really good theme for WordPress; it has colors and shapes and other things and works with a wide range of page builders.

19 Yeh list posts suck WordPress theme

I’ve listed this one as I think people might like to know that list posts for WordPress themes do indeed suck.

It’s got lots of features and stuff, er, er, it’s responsive, and you can use it with WordPress.

Yeh list posts suck theme for WordPress; it’s great at showing your hatred of WordPress theme list posts.

20. Short description because I’m tired WordPress theme

It has lots of features.


21. Parody of list posts theme

The Parody of list posts theme has a billion features that I’m going to list in a bullet point format:

  • Has features
  • It’s responsive
  • Lots of other things
  • Stuff

A parody of list posts theme for WordPress lets you create list posts making fun of others making list posts in a comedic way. Highlighting the fact WordPress theme list posts are s&$t.

22. Top of Google WordPress theme

If you wanted to get to the top of Google and win with visitors get more traffic etc. this is the ultimate theme that’s good at SEO and can help with things like search engines, in particular Google. Stuff.

Next stop the top of Google! Rise to the very tip-top of Google and make your friends jealous. What’s that? I can’t you down there, where am I? Oh, I’m number one on Google, got, to be honest, I’m getting a little dizzy.

23. Are you going to eat that WordPress theme

I’m hungry.

24. Food Blog WordPress theme

The Food Blog theme for WordPress is a feast for the eyes if you’re into blogging about food. Blog food, food blog, blogging about food.

A delicious theme for WordPress. Serving up tasty menu navigation, and lot’s of other features to do with blogging about food.

25. Did I? theme for WordPress

< image goes here >

Well, did you? The Did I? theme is for those who forget stuff. It has a lot of features and works on mobile devices.

Did you? I don’t know.

26. How much does air cost WordPress theme

If you’ve ever asked the question, here’s the answer: it costs $99.00 and is available to buy on ThemeWoods.

An important question, and the How much does air cost WordPress theme delivers with a breathtaking design.

27. Where to buy WordPress themes WordPress theme

Built specifically for WooCommerce, this theme shows you where to buy themes for WordPress and has a catchy name. Personally? I love it. I highly recommend it.

Hey, where did you get that WordPress theme from? Answer the question with the Where to buy WordPress themes WordPress theme. Easy win.

28. What the actual f&$k WordPress theme

If you’re fresh out of f&$ks and looking to top up, the What the actual f&$k WordPress theme can help. Packed full of f&$king features.

What the actual f&$k WordPress theme. Enough f&sking said.

29. Coronavirus WordPress theme

If you’re looking to capitalize on a recent pandemic, this WordPress theme is one of the best viral themes for WordPress going, lots going on with this one.

Coronavirus WordPress theme. Probably the best viral theme for WordPress. No it is the best.

30. #TooSoon theme for WordPress

A child theme of the Coronavirus WordPress theme, for those who realize that using a WordPress theme made specifically for the Coronavirus pandemic is actually pretty f&$ked up.

#TooSoon WordPress theme, for when you make a topical joke and it backfires.

30 WordPress themes and the best that money can buy

What was your favorite one? Have you taken the time to look through the crap I’ve listed? You’ll probably have noticed that the same themes are cropping up in other best WordPress theme lists.

That’s because they have an excellent affiliate program and offer rewards for blogs who promote them.

I’d probably say that out of the 30 themes listed, there’s about two that are any good. I’ll never admit that as a blogger, though, hurts my pocket.

Don’t forget to tune in next month when I’ll be listing the best WordPress themes for ornithologists.

Why Did I Write This?

This post is a parody (obviously) if you’re new to WordPress or looking to buy a WordPress theme, don’t use WordPress theme list posts.

Those who have experience of using WordPress know that they don’t offer any value. Those just starting with WordPress might not, so be careful and use common sense.

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34 responses to “30 Best WordPress Themes 2020 Edition (Parody)”

  1. Cheap SEO Spammer Guy Avatar
    Cheap SEO Spammer Guy

    What a great post, I found it really interesting.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Thanks Cheap SEO Spammer Guy, means a lot. Now click those affiliate links!

  2. Mike Avatar

    Great post… but you should have included the Professional Society of Balloon Animal Creators theme.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Thanks for the comment Mike, sorry I did contact the them creators of the Professional Society of Balloon Animal Creators to see if they’d like to be listed. Unfortunately they wouldn’t cough up the cash to get listed.

      Shame it’s a very lightweight theme.

  3. Gill Avatar

    Thanks for these theme recommendations I think the What the actual f&$k theme might be a good fit for me.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Thanks Gill, glad I helped in some small way, don’t forget to use my demo link so I can profit off of you buying the theme. Don’t let me know how you got on with theme, I’ll be asleep on a bed of crisp bank notes. That OK?

      1. Gill Avatar

        Sounds good Ben!

  4. Casey Rybeck Avatar
    Casey Rybeck

    Hi there, I am trying to download the Best WordPress themes that are free WordPress theme but the link is not clickable?

    Do you have the theme to share as part of your extensive and knowledgable post on the best WordPress themes for 2020.

    Help me as I need to use the theme to make a website for my miniature felt closet making company.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Sure send me an email at nochance (at) layerwp.com I’ll hook you up.

      If you have PayPal send me $69.00 and I’ll send you the theme. Sound fair?

  5. Casey Rybeck Avatar
    Casey Rybeck

    Yes it sounds wonderfully fair. I have around 90 people waiting for my felt miniature closets I’ll send you $89.00 if you can install WooCommerce and set up an online payment system write all my product descriptions.

    Would you do this?

  6. Andre Avatar

    I’m trying to decide which one is the best one for me. Which one gives “you” the most $$$$ from the affiliate link? I think that would be the best one for me because that gives you the money and me with the least amount of benefits!

    1. Ben Avatar

      Thanks Andre, I’d have to say number 1 or 7.

      Number 7 just paid to go to number 2, so I’ll change the order of them in the next day or so all sneaky like.

  7. Ravi Jain Avatar

    Hahaha… I didn’t realise that this was a parody and kept on thinking “why is this guy keyword stuffing?”

    Great post. Made total sense when you said not to trust theme list posts.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Thanks Ravi. Just a bit of fun and hopefully will help educate others 🙂

  8. Torsten Landsiedel Avatar

    I had the fun idea of asking for the “best WordPress themes for ornithologists” post, but then I searched for it myself and found themes really made for that and now I think the joke is on me.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Hey Torsten,

      Yup they do exist. There’s quite literally a theme for every occasion 🙂

  9. Best WordPress Developer – WordPress theme developer – WordPress Plugin Developer – WordPress Developer UK Avatar

    I wonder if you could recommend me the best plugin? It should have a built-in page builder, memberships, multiple payment gateways with recurring payments, contact forms, donation forms, spam protection, security protection, hacker protection, fraud protection, eCommerce, fCommerce, xCommerce, Bitcoin, SEO, CSS, AI, VR, AR, IR, LED, and WTF with a simple admin interface and preferably have a lifetime licensing deal for unlimited sites for less than $100?

    I’m sure you must have a list of these too? Thanks.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Hey Ross,

      This smells like a future blog post. The best ever top 68 plugins for built-in page builder, memberships, multiple payment gateways with recurring payments, contact forms, donation forms, spam protection, security protection, hacker protection, fraud protection, eCommerce, fCommerce, xCommerce, Bitcoin, SEO, CSS, AI, VR, AR, IR, LED, and WTF with a simple admin interface and preferably have a lifetime licensing deal for unlimited sites for less than $100?


  10. Bart Avatar

    thanks for the list and stuff

    1. Ben Avatar

      You’re welcome. Don’t forget to check back in December when I list the very best WordPress themes ever for 2021, or some silly sh&t. I’ll use the same post, just refresh it or something.

  11. Saptak Avatar

    This is excelant Ben. Can you please also write about ” top 10 free webhosting that cost just $25 per month”.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Sure thing Saptak.

      Title: The Top 10 Best Ever WordPress Webhosts That Only Cost $25.00 & Have Never Tested + Bonus Discounts|Get Free Hosting For Only $19.95.

      Clickety click, click, that shiny new laptop is within my grasp you heathens.

  12. Juan Avatar

    Dropping a fake comment here! keep up with the great affiliate sales! 🙂

    1. Ben Avatar

      Thank you it tops up the comment count and makes me look a thought leader or some kind of guru.

  13. Noz Avatar

    I was looking for ThE fAstEst WorDpResS ThemE

    1. Ben Avatar

      You’ll find it in Tuesdays round up of “The Fastest Ever WordPress Themes Since Monday Hyper Mix Special Edition 2020.

  14. Stefan Avatar

    Super noob question, sorry! I just started with WordPress 2 and a half minutes ago but I love the community so far. Which theme is the right choice for a EU-based Jamaican cat pelt taxidermy business? ad does it support live taxidermy webinar streaming? thnks

    1. Ben Avatar

      Ah you mean the Jamtaxeu WordPress theme. That one is specially made for Jamican cat pelt taxidermy businesses only in the EU. I believe the webinar stream is something they’re looking into, it’s had lots of interest.

      I’ll have to do a round up soon, I think there’s about 150 themes that could be used.

  15. Rob Avatar

    I love this sort of piss-take stuff – this made me chuckle – thanks Ben.
    In a bizarre world where natural selection has failed to eradicate single brain-cell organisms like Donald Trump and Flat Earthers, this has been a breath of fresh air.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Thanks Rob, glad you liked it. I am setting up another site, where this will be all I do. Take the piss.

  16. David Avatar

    Dave here, which one of these would work for only mobile applications? I don’t want anyone on a laptop or a desktop using my website.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Hey Dave,

      You make an excellent case for another round up of themes that only work on mobile devices. Ensuring that desktop/laptop users face a white screen or get redirected to an Amazon product so I can make some more affiliate $$$.

      Thanks for the idea dude.

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