Why You Need A Newsletter For Your WooCommerce Affiliate Program



Another SliceWP guide, well sort of, this can apply to anyone with an affiliate program for whatever use. 100% You need to create an affiliate newsletter, why you may ask? Well, you need to keep your affiliates informed.

Whatever newsletter system you’re using, whether it’s MailChimp, Send In Blue (the list goes on), you need to set up a list specifically for affiliates.

If you’ve followed my guide on creating an affiliate program for WooCommerce, you’ll know that keeping in touch with your affiliates is of crucial importance.

If you’re starting with your affiliate program and manually adding affiliates, this will not apply.

As time goes by and your affiliate program becomes successful, and you open up the registration of members, you need to think forward.

Things can spiral out of control, especially if your affiliate program grows exponentially. It’s best to be prepared and ready for anything.

I’m not going to share loads of different email newsletter systems, I’d be lying as I’ve never tested every single one of them out. Chances are you already have one in place, use that.

Create An Email List For Affiliates

Obviously, with the new laws around regarding email subscriptions, you can’t force an affiliate to subscribe. In truth? You won’t have to; they’ll subscribe straight away.


Affiliates are in it to make money; it’s in their best interests to subscribe to an affiliate newsletter, where else are they going to get the latest deals or exclusive offer news?

Trust me; this is an easy win for you and them.

Are you going to sit there and manually email every single one of them? Nah, thought not.

Make your life easier, create a newsletter, email them once or twice a month with new deals, and upcoming offers.

Give Some Forewarning

If you’re planning on creating an offer at a specific point in time, give your affiliates some notice, why?

  • Depending on the product or service, some may like to write content around your offer to maximize conversions. This takes time, so keep that at the back of your mind when planning.
  • Giving them time to put their offering together is mutually beneficial. More thought goes into the affiliate’s content, which equals more conversions, more money for them, more for you.

If you’re planning special offers or exclusive deals, I’d recommend a time frame of two weeks’ notice, and this should give affiliate partners enough time to pull something together.

Should You Run Competitions In Your Newsletter?

I’ve seen this first hand, and it could generate more interest in a specific offer.

Take, for example:

Competitions can greatly enhance earnings for you and your members, use caution though, if the prize is too big, affiliates will focus purely on winning and quality might go out the window!

Make Your Affiliate Newsletter Interesting

In my guide for high flying affiliates and custom commission rates, I mention having a tiered affiliate system.

In that post, I discuss offering three different tiers with financial rewards for members hitting a specific target within a month (or time frame of your choosing).

A way to engage affiliates further (once they’ve signed up for your newsletter) is to send them an automated welcome email and mention the tiered system.

It’s a great way to publicize your tiered system (if you decide to offer one) and keeps the affiliate interested, with a clear goal to aim for.

Wrapping Things Up

I’ll probably elaborate more on this as I come up with more ideas to help you run your WooCommerce affiliate program.

The key takeaway is this: Yes, you need to have A) An affiliate list in your email platform and B) Send emails with offers, competitions, and deals.

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