Offer Affiliate Coupons In Your WooCommerce Affiliate Program With SliceWP



Man, I’m having a blast with SliceWP, the ideas keep coming and coming! I thought I’d share with you another SliceWP add-on for use in your WooCommerce affiliate program.

This one is a bit special.

The only downside to this add-on is that it’s only available in the Extended and Professional versions of SliceWP. See below for pricing:

This particular add-on works with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, for clarification.

Sure it’s going to cost you more, but I think it’s worth it. Here’s why.

Perhaps they have a coupon section on their blog/website, or a deals section (many do).

What’s a surefire way of making them look good? A way to make it look like the offer is exclusive to them?

Offer them their very own coupon code.

Affiliate Coupon Codes

All you have to do is navigate to coupons in WooCommerce, give your voucher a name, a description, choose either percentage discount, fixed cart discount, or a fixed product discount.

Set an expiry date, and start typing in the affiliate’s name to find the one you want. 

Getting Creative With Affiliate Coupons

Affiliate coupon created. Using the in-built features of WooCommerce, you can get a little creative with it. 

Why not do the following:

  • Add an expiry date.
  • Apply the coupon to a specific product/category.
  • Add a minimum spend to for the voucher to work.
  • Set a usage limit for the voucher, say 50, for example.


If you’re going to offer affiliate coupons for members of your program, make it a time-sensitive deal, creating a sense of urgency for potential shoppers.

Setting an expiry date is time-critical, you have to be in it to win it so to speak. 

Target a specific product, maybe a new addition to your product line, or one that could do with some love in terms of sales.

If the margin is tight on a product, yet you want to get it out there using your affiliates, add a minimum spend, for example:

Spend $50.00 on XYZ and use the coupon code “Relevant to the Affiliates name” to get ABC for only $20.00 at the checkout.

Setting a usage limit is an excellent way to test your affiliate’s abilities as well. If you give them 50 coupons, and they perform poorly, it could be themor it could be your offering. 

By the same token, if the coupon does well, and this particular affiliate generates revenue, you could then work with them on future exclusives, increasing your bottom end and, of course, their revenue stream.

You could (as part of your welcome email to new affiliates) generate a coupon code for them, for future use, whatever you feel would help your affiliate program, and improve affiliate relationships.

After all, they’re in it to make money, and so are you.

SliceWP Is a Brilliant Plugin

If you’d like to find out more or read some guides I’ve written, don’t forget to take a look at the SliceWP hub I’ve created, it covers everything you need to know.

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