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As your WooCommerce affiliate program grows, you’ll undoubtedly have some individuals who fare better than others.

Some will flourish, and some will falter, that’s the way it happens. What can you do to help those who do well? What other ways can you incentivize them?

I need to show you another SliceWP add-on, namely Affiliate Commission Rates, this add-on is available in all license tiers:

Help Your Affiliates Make Even More Money

If you’ve read my guide on setting up an affiliate program in WooCommerce, you’ll know how to set up an affiliate and probably be familiar with the Edit Affiliate section.

What the Affiliate Commission Rares add-on does is it allows you to set up an affiliate up a commission rate at the affiliate level. See below for the new addition to the Edit Affiliate screen:

You can add either a fixed percentage discount or fixed amount; that is only for this affiliate—no one else.

If this particular member has generated a shed load of sales, and they’re doing the world of good for your business, it makes sense to offer them something more.

Offer A Tiered Commission Structure

Thinking about this logically, you could apply the same method to those who perform poorly or need additional help.

If you’ve read my tutorials on setting up an affiliate page or indeed how to send affiliate emails, you could offer a tiered approach to everyone. See below for what I mean:

Offer three tiers:

  • Tier One: Refer over $100 in sales in two months, increase their commission rate to %XYZ.
  • Tier Two: Refer over $200 in sales in two months, increase their commission rate to %XYZ.
  • Tier Three (the big leagues): Refer over $500 in sales in two months, increase their commission rate to %XYZ (offer the highest you can that fits your business needs).

You could use the above in your welcome email to those who have joined your affiliate program.

That way, those who are keen to make money with you can have a target to work towards, get rewarded if they do well, and your store gets more sales.

It’s an idea, granted, but could be useful to you as an affiliate program manager seeking to help their affiliates earn more.

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