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Use WordPress? Sick of paying through the nose for job boards? Need a way to accept job applications? Read on, this one's for you.

WP Job Openings Pro Pack

I’ve stored the plugin on my desktop, and the license key, for this very moment. Let’s install the Pro Pack and see what additional functionality WPJO provides. 

Powered by Freemius

WPJO uses Freemius as it’s license system, those of you may be familiar with the system, and have bought plugins using it in the past, Spotlight Pro uses the same method, along with countless others.

What’s new when activated?

Once installed, you’d be forgiven for not knowing what ACTUAL difference there is. Gone is the setup guide, instead, you’re kind of left to your own devices, see below for the difference as per the settings page:

WP Job Openings free version v's Pro Pack
WP Job Openings free version v’s Pro Pack

It’s not apparent, apart from some new menu additions. Once you’ve activated the Pro Pack add-on, four new tabs are added, which are: Shortcodes, Advanced, Account and Contact Us.

There’s also some additions to the standard forms, don’t worry I’ll cover these as well, so you know what to expect if you decide to go with the Pro Pack or not.

Text strings a new addition to the appearance menu

The Pro version of WP Job Openings, allows you to change the on-screen display of specific text on the front end. Useful if you’d like to put your own spin on things.

Text strings
Text strings available in the Pro Pack add-on

There’s too many to list here, the screenshot says it all! That said, pretty much every text element can be changed using this selection of fields. Another useful feature of WP Job Openings.

Form settings just got a whole lot more interesting

Now this piqued my interest big time. I’ll tell you why. Throughout this review, I had a couple of ideas, namely things like referrals. 

For example, let’s say you’re an employer, and you’d like to attract talent, and perhaps you’d like to offer a bounty. 


  • An existing employee recommends an individual to your company.
  • Your company offers a $500.00 referral fee for anyone hired through a recommendation. 

As it stands, you can’t do that with the free version of WP Job Openings, guess what? You can with the Pro Pack add-on

Let me build an example and talk you through the features, and show you how it looks.

Custom forms in WP Job Openings

There’s another new sub menu item, one you’ve activated the Pro Pack, see below for what I mean:

Form Builder in WPJO
Form Builder in WPJO

Once you’ve clicked on the Form Builder, you’ll see the screen above. Now, like I said, this is where it gets interesting. Take a look at the below for something I knocked up, had a little fun with it:

Custom form in WPJO
Custom form in WPJO

As you can see, I’ve made a referral field, so users can fill it in and state the person who told them of the role. I’ve also added in a box, for how did you find us, this is a custom field, with items of my choosing. 

Let’s take a look at the form builder and see what options are available:

Field Types in WP Job Openings
Field Types in WP Job Openings

There’s lots to pick from in terms of field types. Text, email, number, phone and more. What’s especially useful here is the section field.

Sections allow you to break up the form, you may note from my earlier example, that the Did you get referred title, is in fact a section. It’s a great way to break up a complicated form.

It’s also worth noting that the header title tag is an H3, which flows nicely when you consider that the application title is an H2 tag. So no need to worry about the structure in terms of SEO.

Form Builder field options tags
Form Builder field options tags

I’ve discussed template tags earlier in the review of WPJO. Each field has a custom tag which can then be used in email notifications, this is an awesome feature. Making it easy to get all the relevant info in an email to speed up the process.

As you type, the tag field will follow your input, or simply highlight the text and add your own. Nice.

Need to reorder the fields? Well, if you’re familiar with the native WordPress menu builder, you’ll feel right at home here. Simply drag and drop to order your fields as you see fit. 

With file uploads, photo uploads, a select box and more. You can create something that gets you all the information you need to qualify a candidate. 

This feature alone is worth its weight in gold, and a must for those who deal with a wealth of job roles.

What about notifications for custom forms?

Notification section for custom forms
Notification section for custom forms

Each custom form you create, has a section for you to add a custom notification for it. So, using your template tags, you can build something unique per job form. Great if each role has specific criteria.

Using the To and CC fields, you can ensure any applications, go to the relevant people, on a job by job basis.

Creating applicant notification templates

There’s a new item added to the notifications tab, located here:

Templates item
Templates item

Let’s say the applicant isn’t quite right for your needs. Rather than manually having to go through and create a thanks but no thanks email, you can save time. Create a nicely worded template, and save it as whatever you need to call it.

See below for an example using template tags:

Custom rejection template
Custom rejection template

Using this method, you can speed up the whole process of recruitment, and do the right thing by getting back to everyone.

Applicants will receive the notification on the click of a button. I cannot begin to tell you how much easier this would have made my life back in the recruitment consultant days.

Shortcode generator

WP Job Openings has a custom shortcode generator for you to make use of. Here you can add criteria, and WPJO will spit out the relevant code for you. 

Generate a shortcode based on your needs
Generate a shortcode based on your needs

There’s plenty to choose from here. Using the generator you can create a custom selection of jobs, add filters, set the order date and more.

Shortcode options are available for forms, job specs and job stats. Select options, then hit the generate shortcode button, and apply to a post/page of your choosing.

A useful feature if you’re writing a blog post and want to insert your latest job opportunities for maximum exposure!

Application status

Applicant status in WP Job Openings

The Pro Pack add-on, sees a new tab in the backend. The advanced tab is all about the creation of status for applications in WP Job Openings.

Using the status color option, you can set specific colors, depending on the stages in your process.

The defaults are, New, Trashed, In Progress, Shortlisted, Rejected and Selected. There’s also an option to add a new status.

Useful, if you have a longer application process.

An at a glance look at the status of applicants can help narrow things down for your HR team, or other hiring managers.

Automation of email notifications by status

You may remember me mentioning custom notification templates earlier. Now, this is where things get fancy in WP Job Openings. See below for an example:

Automating email notifications
Automating email notifications

You can, in fact, choose an email notification template via a dropdown. These can be applied to the status level they are at.

In the example above, I’ve used my newly created rejection template, this will be sent automatically once I’ve changed the status to rejected.

How smart is that? Using the same process, you can automate all the others, even when you add a custom one.

Automation can be enabled/disabled here, saving you time, and let your team concentrate on organizing interviews for qualified candidates.

Page 6 👉 – Applicants and how it works
Page 7 👉 – Verdict and final thoughts


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    • Thanks Andy, took a while to get it done. But, I hope it helps people, whether they decide to go for the free version, or the Pro one.

      Good to know what to expect, lol!

  1. Best review ever!

    Thank you Ben for the amazing review. You should do this more often.
    You just do not miss anything. I would love to read more such reviews on your blog.

    • WOW!!!! Thank you Aravind, means a lot! I like to go in-depth as I think it helps people make a more informed choice. Plus the structure should help those who just want to skip to the things that matter! 🙂

      Appreciate your feedback dude! Literally made my day!

      All the best


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