WP Job Openings Review

Use WordPress? Sick of paying through the nose for job boards? Need a way to accept job applications? Read on, this one's for you.

Installing WP Job Openings

I’m reviewing the Pro version of WPJO, which is available to purchase directly on their site here. 

WPJO uses Freemius as their selling platform, so once you’ve purchased the plugin (whichever option you go for) you’ll be able to find your download in your account, see below for where it resides:

Download your copy of WP Job Openings
Download your copy of WP Job Openings

Once you click on the download button (as shown in the image above) you’ll be prompted with a license code, see below:

License code (copy that, you're going to need it)
License code (copy that, you’re going to need it)

As I’ve mentioned, I’m using InstaWP, bog-standard install, no other plugins, running WordPress 5.9.3 and PHP 8.0, current setup as below:

Instance of WordPress from InstaWP
Instance of WordPress from InstaWP

Why am I telling you all this? Well, if I do find a fault, it would be down to the plugin itself, with no other conflicts in place, it would 100% be a bug in the plugin.

Hey, let’s hope I don’t find any right?

I’ve downloaded the pro version, and dragged and dropped it onto my desktop for later, and copied over the license key.

Download the free version of WP Job Openings

You need to have the free version of WP Job Openings installed, before you can activate the Pro version, so navigate to the Add Plugins section in WordPress, search for “WP Job Openings” you’ll know you’ve found it, when you see this:

Download and install the free version first
Download and install the free version first

Install and activate, you’ll know when it’s done as you’ll see this screen:

WPJO Installed and welcome screen
WPJO Installed and welcome screen

Initial impressions are good, like the landing page that greets you, so let’s dive into what is expected of us, in order to get WP Job Openings up and running. 

It’s bullet pointed for us users, we need to set up the listing page, add job openings and then start hunting talents!

Using the section on the right, I’ve filled in some info that WPJO has requested:

Fill in some details about your jobs page here
Fill in some details about your jobs page here

Obviously I’m not using the email address shown in the screenshot, I don’t want the world to know my real world email! What happens when I click get started?

A Control panel, very nice

WP Job Openings control panel
WP Job Openings control panel

I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect once I clicked get started, this is a welcome surprise. Some plugins, once activated, have you hunting down the settings page. I’m pleased to say WPJO hits you in the face, in a good way.

What struck me as a user is the familiarity, which is a good thing. For us users, if you’re used to the drag and drop flexibility of the homepage in the WP dashboard, you’ll feel right at home here. 

Being able to drag boxes around to fit my needs and giving priority to one over another is a big win, it may sound small to some. However, keeping things familiar will win users, not everyone has boat loads of time to learn something completely new.

Next up settings and more.

Page 3 👉 – Control Panel and settings
Page 4 👉 – Job creation and more
Page 5 👉 – Going pro with WP Job Openings
Page 6 👉 – Applicants and how it works
Page 7 👉 – Verdict and final thoughts


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    • Thanks Andy, took a while to get it done. But, I hope it helps people, whether they decide to go for the free version, or the Pro one.

      Good to know what to expect, lol!

  1. Best review ever!

    Thank you Ben for the amazing review. You should do this more often.
    You just do not miss anything. I would love to read more such reviews on your blog.

    • WOW!!!! Thank you Aravind, means a lot! I like to go in-depth as I think it helps people make a more informed choice. Plus the structure should help those who just want to skip to the things that matter! 🙂

      Appreciate your feedback dude! Literally made my day!

      All the best


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