The Million Dollar WordPress Page, An Experiment.



So many ideas, so, so many. If you’re anything like me, it can be overwhelming. Sure, it’s great to have ideas, but implementing them? Hell, it’s hard work. I thought I’d share my latest little project with you. 

My million-dollar WordPress page. No doubt sniggers will ensure, and some will say it’s been done before, and I welcome both reactions.

Yes, yes it’s been done before, am I offering anything new? No. 

Sounds blunt, sure, but I wanted to see if I could make my own version of the million-dollar homepage using WordPress. After much deliberation and hard work (pats self on the back), I’ve created a version.

Albeit without a million pixels for adverts, the premise is the same. It’s a bit of fun and hopefully will take off. For this particular project, I had my work cut out. 

I’ll briefly cover what I used and why. 

Tools and whatnot

First, I switched to Elementor, the pro version, by the way. I’m a huge fan of Gutenberg, make no mistake, but for what I wanted to do and the future of the site, it made sense for me. 

I’m not a coder, so as a result, if there’s a tool or system I can use to make something quickly and add the functionality I need, I’m going to use it. 

It doesn’t end there though, last year I bought Crocoblock, and I’ll be honest the suite of plugins is nothing short of breathtaking, truly fantastic, the team behind it deserves all the adulation they can get!

Where was I?

OK, back on track. Using Crocoblock, I made use of their JetEngine plugin, which adds customs post types, taxonomies, and much more. I could go on and on about this, but I’ll keep it short. 

I created a custom post type, to house the images for the million-dollar page, along with a link to point to the advertiser’s website. 

Next, I’ve used yet another excellent addition by the Crocoblock team, namely the free plugin JetGridbuilder. Using this plugin, I am able to create a custom grid to house advertiser listings, in fact I can position them wherever I choose, which is awesome!

Using Fluent Forms (again another excellent plugin) I’ve created a form that will take payment and create a post.

It makes my life a lot easier. And I’m all about making things easier for potential advertisers and me! 

I may go to town at a later date, and show you how I did it. But I’ll be honest, creating a million-dollar page was hard work, and a written tutorial wouldn’t cut it, so it may have to be a video if I ever get the time. 

For now, you can view the million-dollar WordPress page here. I’ve got more projects on the go, and as soon as I’m at a stage to share them, of course, I’ll let you know.

Update: 7th of March 2021

Makes sense to just update this post with progress, rather than add another post, it makes it easier for you and for me to keep track. OK, so it’s been one week since I launched the experiment, here’s how it’s doing:

  • Total ad slots sold: 18 (sweet!)
  • Total amount of visits to the page so far: 292 (doesn’t sound like a lot, but for me it is)

I use Fathom Analytics, for tracking, here’s a screenshot of the traffic since the 1st of March:

Progress so far

As you can see, not too shabby! What else has happened? Well, woke up this morning to a mention in the WPWeekly WordPress newsletter, who incidentally purchased a slot on the Million Dollar WordPress page. 

Traffic-wise, Twitter has been the key primary driver, but I am slowly seeing an increase in traffic from other avenues as well. So far, so good. It’s going better than I thought, in truth.

Sure it’s just an experiment, but for me, it’s an exciting one, join me next time as I perform another roundup! Also, HUGE thanks to all those who have taken the time to indulge an old fool.

If you’d like to see website analytics in real-time, check out my page here, if you decide to use Fathom Analytics, you’ll get $10.00 off your first order! Noice.

If you’re interested in purchasing an ad slot, please take a look here to get yours!

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