Should You Noindex Your Affiliate Pages? (SliceWP Tutorial)

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Should you? My thoughts are yes. Yes, you should Noindex them. Why?

If you’ve read my guide on using SliceWP to create a WooCommerce affiliate program, you’ve probably Noindexed the pages WooCommerce creates, stopping Google (other search engines are available) from indexing them in the search engine results pages.

I mean pages like My Account, Checkout, and Cart. There’s no need for these pages to be on any search engine results page; they serve no purpose for a search; they serve a purpose for on-site users.

It makes sense to do the same with the pages SliceWP creates during the installation wizard or the ones you have built to house the output of SliceWP.

Pages such as: 

  • Affiliate Register
  • Affiliate Account
  • Affiliate login

Again they serve no purpose for search engines and user searches; they are for users on your site. They help them sign in, register, and manage their account.

Would I set them to Noindex, yes 100%

Your Affiliate Program Page

That said, you will need an affiliate program page detailing why they should become an affiliate, benefits of doing so, and so forth. 

This page NEEDS to be indexed by Google (and others) it’s advertising the fact you DO offer an affiliate program. So I’d set this to index in your SEO plugin of choice. 

Using the shortcodes SliceWP provides, you can add a login/register box on your affiliate program page, extolling the virtues of why you should sign up. Then have them register/login on this page instead.

Read more about affiliate program pages with my tutorial, highlighting good and bad examples. Why not take a look at the SliceWP hub for more tips and tutorials.

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