First Data Connect For WooCommerce Review

Thinking of using First Data Connect for your WooCommerce store? Then this is for you.

Additional menu item & documentation

Under the settings menu item in your WordPress admin sidebar, you’ll see an entry called “AG Plugins”. Again, I’m always cautious with new additions to the admin, as a lot of plugin/theme companies use them as advertising spaces.

I totally get that, but it’s my site, my space, adding loads of ads for more plugins irks me somewhat, but hey, maybe that’s just me?

So what’s inside?

AG Menu item
Additional page added by the plugin

A welcome message is the first thing that hits you, along with links to documentation on how to get up and running.

A useful addition, especially if you have issues, which I doubt as it’s very simple to get up and running. That said, if you make a mistake or need help it’s but a click away.

Underneath this, a selection of boxes, with specific headers.

Such as license/billing, your account, become an affiliate, revisit the setup wizard, get support, read documentation and request features.

It’s not overly cluttered, and more importantly hasn’t been turned into an advertising space for other products by We are AG.


This is one of those things that I often see lacking in plugins/themes, documentation is critical for users. So let’s take a quick look at how We are AG handle things.

Documentation on We are AG
Documentation on We are AG

The first thing that struck me when I visited the docs’ page was the structure. As a user, I don’t want to scamper around trying to find what I need in some kind of labyrinth of links.

What you can’t see in the screenshot is a search box, this box will search only the docs for this specific plugin.

The layout is perfect for me as a store owner, I can view the setup articles, troubleshooting articles and if I was a developer, view hooks and filters documentation.

Obviously I’m no developer, but the information is there if you are. Require specific help, in the sidebar is a box for you to request support.

I like this layout, everything is there for me to read through, it’s almost like a hub I suppose, but geared towards the plugin I’m actually using.


Truth be told, I looked for faults, I did as much as I could, but I failed. I couldn’t really find anything inherently wrong with the plugin. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

The only thing I thought (personally) was a bit lackluster, was the design options for the gateway, but this is down to First Data Connect, and not the plugin itself.

Documentation is excellent, very clean and clear. The whole process was incredibly simple from the plugin side of things, I never felt lost throughout the installation.

If you’re thinking of using First Data Connect for your online store, then (and I don’t say this that often) I’d 100% recommend using the First Data Connect For WooCommerce.

Updates from the developer

As with my other review of late, this is a new section. I’ve opened up the review for the developer to email me with any new updates for the plugin, as and when that happens, they will be listed below.


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