First Data Connect For WooCommerce Review

Thinking of using First Data Connect for your WooCommerce store? Then this is for you.

The test product

As part of the installation, you’ll probably remember, I ticked the box for installing a test product. So let’s take a look at what this entails.

A quick navigation to our products overview in WooCommerce reveals the new entry:

Test Product created by plugin
Test product created by the plugin

There’s not much to write home about in terms of the actual product page for our test product. So I won’t waste your time showing you that.

Suffice to say, it creates a product with a nominal sum (in my case) of £1.00. If you’re using a default currency of your own choosing, then this will be in the same denomination.

It’s worth noting that this product is set to Private. This means it won’t show to anyone but you, which is an incredibly handy way of testing out the checkout when you’re testing.

What I’m really interested in is seeing how this all works from a test perspective.

Testing the checkout

Forgive me for skipping a couple of steps, I’ve gone ahead and added the test product to the cart. What’s interesting is the notice. Take a look at the below to see what I mean:

Example of checkout using test environment
Example of checkout using test environment

For me? As a store owner and testing out the transaction process, this is worth its weight in gold. I’ve blurred out the card number (it’s a test card), I can cut and paste this as part of the process, allowing me to test thoroughly.

A useful feature, no scrambling around or reading docs to find a test card, it’s there, right in front of me.

Gateway Checkout

Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway

The above is what customers will see. Looks a little bland right? Well, using First Data’s customizer you can make some changes that are more in keeping with your design.

There’s no two ways about it though, whatever design choices you make it will still look similar to the above.

See below for an example:

Custom checkout colors
Custom checkout colors

This is no reflection of the plugin itself for the record, this is down to the settings of First Data. See below for customization options for the gateway from First Data themselves:

Customizing your gateway for customers

I didn’t really want to touch on First Data. Not me being an ass, but I wanted to focus on the plugin, not the service.

This is in no way a fault of the developer of the plugin, but you are, and it’s important to note, at the mercy of the gateway.

Design options are limited, take a look at the above for what I mean. Sure, you can change the logo (upload your own), choose a background color and other options.

Your options are limited. This isn’t an attack on the developer We are AG. These are the cards they have been dealt, they integrate, and what they do, they do it well.

Issuing a refund

Using the details provided by the plugin and the First Data Connect Virtual Terminal, I’ve gone ahead and placed an order using the test card. I want to see how easy it is to issue a refund, using the new API method.

Nobody likes processing refunds, however, it’s part and parcel of running an online store. The customer is always right, as they say.

At some point you’ll need to do this, whether it’s an error on your part or the customers. Whoever is at fault, the process needs to be quick and clean.

Issuing a refund
Issuing a refund

As you can see from the screenshot above, I’ve opted to put the item back into stock, and nominated a sum to refund. In this instance, I’ve chosen the full amount.

If, however, your product was made via a sum of parts, and the customer wanted to drop an item, you could add a specific amount to refund. Another useful feature and one that will save you time and your customers.

Clicking on Refund via AG First Data, you’ll see this:

Refund issued
Refund issued

The process took seconds, as a store owner, this frees up my time to be spent elsewhere, making up for the loss! I double-checked in the Virtual Terminal for First Data (I’m anal like that) to see if it had worked:

Refund completed
Refund completed

It worked, done and dusted, like I said, took mere seconds, and now we have a happy customer, because we dealt with the refund so quickly. Which is of paramount importance.

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