WP Job Openings Review

Use WordPress? Sick of paying through the nose for job boards? Need a way to accept job applications? Read on, this one's for you.

Verdict on WP Job Openings

I’m doing away with review stars, I actually think they’re demeaning to a degree. I’d rather give feedback in a more useful way. 

So, thoughts then. 

Well, I think it’s an excellent plugin. It’s clean, incredibly easy to use, and as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’ve not needed to read documentation, at all. 

WP Job Openings
WP Job Openings

Somehow it feels familiar, the developers have found the right balance between functionality and user interface. For users of WordPress, you won’t struggle to use WP Job Openings. 

For those who have to train HR, or people in charge of hiring, personally? I think the system is simple enough for non WordPress users to use, it’s super straightforward, and hey if they do get stuck? Funnily enough, there’s documentation you can refer them to!

Love the notes’ idea, being able to leave feedback for a later date, the automation of emails based on a status. The ability to add custom job specifications, such as salary, or whatever you need. 

If someone came to me and asked me to recommend a job board solution for their HR team, and they were using WordPress, I would not hesitate in recommending WP Job Openings

The free version does so much in its own right, the Pro Pack, just gives it that extra oomph to push onto the next level with statuses, automation and more.

For the sake of $49.95 for a one site license, and saving on the cost of paid for job boards, it’s a no-brainer. 

I’ve struggled a little to think of things wrong with WP Job Openings. I think if push came to shove, I’d recommend they implement an optional salary section. Some kind of feature to enable salaries on each job, instead of using job specifications.

Especially with certain countries enforcing this rule.

In a nutshell. Yes, yes, I would recommend WP Job Openings to anyone seriously thinking about bringing recruitment in house.

Whether you go for the free version, or decided to go with the Pro Pack, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

It’s rather brilliant.


This section is a relatively new idea. I’m sick of seeing reviews that haven’t been updated in a while, due to new features and such (mine included!).

The developer is more than welcome to email me with new features or anything else that could be of interest, for now I’ll leave this section empty!


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    • Thanks Andy, took a while to get it done. But, I hope it helps people, whether they decide to go for the free version, or the Pro one.

      Good to know what to expect, lol!

  1. Best review ever!

    Thank you Ben for the amazing review. You should do this more often.
    You just do not miss anything. I would love to read more such reviews on your blog.

    • WOW!!!! Thank you Aravind, means a lot! I like to go in-depth as I think it helps people make a more informed choice. Plus the structure should help those who just want to skip to the things that matter! 🙂

      Appreciate your feedback dude! Literally made my day!

      All the best


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