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As well as running LayerWP, I’m a freelance writer for WordPress themes, plugins, and services. Care to know more?

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Writing For Potential Customers.

As a consumer of WordPress themes/plugins .etc, I’m uniquely positioned to offer content that appeals to other consumers.

I’m the guy you’re pitching your new theme/plugin to; with that in mind, I know what I’d look for if I were thinking of purchasing a WordPress product.

Not cookie-cutter articles that are a dime a dozen, you know the type, you’ve only got to search the web to see them in action.

I write for users, the very people visiting your website and thinking of buying your product, I write for them.

My Process.

Whenever I write for a theme maker or plugin developer, I always ask for a copy of the product in question. Why?

Here are a few reasons:

  • How can you write objectively about something you don’t know about?
  • Testing a theme/plugin gives me ideas, ideas that can lead to more useful content.
  • Posts that you’ve never thought about, as you don’t have the might not have the mindset of a consumer. (Sorry!)

Remember, as I’ve mentioned already, I’m a user, the very person your product could appeal to, so I write as if I was visiting your website, what would I look for, what value can I give myself as a potentially interested buyer?

So What Can I Offer?

Theme/Plugin Reviews

I’m an objective beast at heart; if you’d like me to review your theme for another blog, no problem. I only offer honest reviews, so if your product is faulty or has issues, I will tell you.

How-To Articles

As I ask for a copy of the product for writing content, I can often spot new ways to use a theme/plugin, hell even think of a series of posts for them. Not always you understand, it depends on the product.

Theme/Plugin Documentation

I see a lot of overly complicated theme/plugin documentation; while I can’t write the coding elements (as I’m not a coder), I can create documentation that’s easy to understand.

Video Tutorials

While I can’t do the fancy graphics for video content for YouTube or your own hosted videos, I can narrate and offer walkthroughs, setup guides, and more. I have a calming voice, according to one or two people!

WordPress.Org Listings

Are you looking to give your freemium product an overhaul on As a consumer, I can write a description with users in mind.

Who I’ve Worked With

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredible people; here’s a snapshot of who I’ve worked with (either directly or indirectly).

Design Frame Solutions
Elegant Marketplace

Freelance Writing Portfolio

Here are some of the articles I have created. I have made others, but I have a non-disclosure in place and can’t mention them!

Business, Sweet Business.

A satirical look at Linkedin. Andrew asked me to throw something together; I did.

What’s In A WordPress Education Theme?

Article for WPZOOM, detailing what you need from a WordPress education theme.

GeneratePress Premium Review.

An in-depth review of the GeneratePress theme, focusing on the premium version.

Creating A Bilingual Website.

Written for TranslatePress, this article serves as a guide on how to make your website bilingual.

Tutorial On Elementor & LearnDash.

Written for WPMayor, this article details how to setup LearnDash, Elementor using the Astra theme.

Creating A Movie Review Site With WPZOOM Themes.

Overview of WPZOOM’s WordPress video themes and how they can be used for a movie review website.

Tutorial On Creating A Multilingual WooCommerce Store.

A guide on making your WooCommerce store multilingual and open up new markets.

Comparing E-Commerce Solutions For WordPress.

Guide on picking the right E-commerce solution for your business.


All this is nothing without feedback from those I have worked with in the past, onwards to the testimonials!

“Ben helped us with several comprehensive tutorials featuring our multilingual plugin, TranslatePress. I really appreciate his clear writing, taking you step by step through all the process and his ability to highlight key elements that can help the user make the most out of the product. He’s a lovely guy to work with, always polite and respectful, with a strong sense of humor.”

Adrian Spiac

Adrian Spiac



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