About WooCommerce Quick View Pro

WooCommerce Quick View Pro makes shopping easy by adding a quick view button, a link, or a hover effect that opens a quick view lightbox containing product information. It lets customers view essential product details such as descriptions, variations, and extra options without leaving the shop page. Customers can also add items to the cart from the quick view modal.


  • Easy to use and control – Can be enabled globally or per category. Users can also display buttons, links, and hover effects or add a quick view anywhere on your website with a shortcode.
  • Image Gallery lightbox – Display multiple photos in a lightbox with zoom features.
  • Supports all product types – Can be used on simple, variable, external/affiliate, virtual, downloadable, and grouped products.

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WooCommerce Quick View Pro

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Make it easy for your customers to view product information without leaving the shop page using WooCommerce Quick View Pro.

License Type: Premium