About WooCommerce Fast Cart

WooCommerce Fast Cart provides customers with an easy way to view, edit, and checkout their cart items without leaving the shop page. This plugin adds a side, pop-up cart, or checkout modal that customers can access with a single click no matter where they are in your online store. With this plugin, storeowners can improve customer experience, reducing the number of abandoned carts and increasing conversions.


  • Fully Customizable: Users can customize the cart button colors to match their website. They can also choose which content to display on the cart, like related items, coupons, and images.
  • Popup or Floating Cart: Enable auto-open or use the floating cart icon to launch the cart from anywhere.
  • 2 Layout Options: Choose between a center popup or a side cart.
  • Use Any Payment Gateway: The plugin supports all popular payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, Amazon, Braintree, and more.
  • Fast Checkout: Users can opt to replace the default checkout page and allow customers to checkout items directly from the fast cart.

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WooCommerce Fast Cart

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WooCommerce Fast Cart displays the cart and checkout in a user-friendly sidecart/popup, providing users of a WooCommerce-powered store with an easy way to review items on their cart.

License Type: Premium