About Website Toolkit for WordPress

Save yourself hours with an automated health check of your website

“Page not found” is never a great experience for your website visitors, but there is no need to panic.

My name is Dave, and I’ve got you covered with my new Website Toolkit (for WordPress). It finds broken pages, links, and much more (the complete list is further down the page).

Oh, and it can do it for free once a week (thanks, sponsors) – no credit card required. My paid plans include extra checks, increased content limits, and guidance on your results when needed. I aim to make Website Toolkit your WordPress site’s new best friend.

As it is a hosted service, there is nothing to install on your website. That’s right—no plugins are required. This makes it friendly and easy to get started. Let me know your email address and website URL, and leave it to me.

What type of site is it for?

When starting a new product or service, it’s essential to target a niche, which is why my Website Toolkit is suitable for anyone running a WordPress-based website. 30%+ of the Internet is a niche, right?

Here are a few common types of sites it can help:

  • B2B Lead generation/brochure sites with content downloads and embedded YouTube videos
  • Online Shops with product catalogs and lots of images
  • Professional/part-time bloggers with evergreen content and links to other related websites

From marketing teams working on inbound content marketing to part-time bloggers writing about their favorite pastimes, there is something in my toolkit to benefit (nearly) everyone.

Your time-saving checklist

Website Toolkit is a new service, and this list of features will increase over the coming months. Here are the current highlights:

  • In-page WordPress Shortcodes (a WordPress plugin might have broken/disabled)
  • Broken Links (internal & external)
  • Broken Downloads
  • Unnecessary Redirects
  • Missing Images
  • Missing Pages Titles
  • Missing Meta Description
  • Missing Style Sheets (your pages might look wrong)
  • Missing JavaScript (your site might not work correctly)
  • Non-Cached Content (your site might load slower on shared hosting)
  • Private YouTube Embeds
  • Broken Google Map Embeds
  • Lorem Ipsum (placeholder text)

Please check my website for a complete list of features and future ideas.

What will I receive with the free Lite plan?

With the free weekly check (up to 500 pages) you will receive a summary email highlighting any potential issues to investigate. Five attachments will cover your site’s raw results—these can be easily filtered in your favorite spreadsheet software.

It’s not as sexy as a fancy-looking customer portal with lots of bells and whistles, but it gets the job done. I am a one-person operation, and using email is quick and easy to use. There is no need for per-user licenses for your occasional users. No logins to lose. I like to keep it nice and simple.

Found something to fix? Forward it to your content team or web agency.

What support is available with the Lite plan?

To keep the Lite plan free, support will be provided via online guides and blog posts (these will be created over the coming weeks). Thankfully you don’t need to install anything so that’s the hard part taken care of.

To help cover the running costs of the Lite plan, the emails are sponsored and may also include affiliate links. This means I won’t need to sell your data, spam you, or attempt a hard sell. It’s not my style.

I may offer ko-fi for those who want one-off financial help but don’t require the extras included in a paid plan.

“Plus” Plan (Paid)

The Plus plan offers a bit extra on top of Lite. This includes an extra weekly check, a slightly larger page limit per crawl, and standard support by email for any occasional queries.

“Premium” Plan (Paid)

The Premium plan is for site owners who want peace of mind with more frequent checks (daily), a larger page allowance, and priority support by email for more frequent questions.

Like to know more or request a free trial?

Please visit my website for more details: https://website-toolkit.co.uk/

To request a free trial, scroll to the footer for instructions. No credit card is required.

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Website Toolkit for WordPress

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“Page not found” is never a great experience for your website visitors. No need to panic – I’ve got you covered with my Website Toolkit for WordPress.

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