About Watchful – A Productivity Suite For WordPress Maintenance

Watchful is a productivity suite for web developers, site owners and digital agencies. It dramatically reduces the time needed to backup, update, secure and monitor multiple WordPress websites.

Once your sites are added to Watchful, you can use our smart automations and bulk tools to save up to $650 per year in maintenance costs.


  • Backup scheduler and monitor
  • Powerful plugin updates, including bulk/multi-site updates and automatic updates
  • Uptime monitor & SSL certificate checker
  • Best practice, malware, and filesystem scanners
  • Early warning system for intruder detection
  • SEO audit tool
  • Plugin tracker to monitor when plugins have been added and removed
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Website reporting for your clients
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Productivity dashboard
  • Single-sign on


Watchful has two powerful dashboards that will help you prioritize maintenance tasks and take a birds-eye view of all your sites.

The first is the Sites Dashboard which lists all your sites. You can easily review and prioritize website maintenance tasks based on — for example — the number of pending updates for each site, the uptime status, or the presence of stale backups.

The Productivity Dashboard assembles data across all your sites so the most pressing maintenance tasks can be identified and acted on quickly.


The easiest way to protect your websites is to keep WordPress and its plugins up-to-date. With Watchful, you can apply updates across your entire portfolio in just one click.

Supported updates include WordPress, all the plugins in the WordPress repo, and a growing list of the most popular paid plugins. You can even manage your commercial license keys and remotely register new domains with commercial WordPress software vendors.

And if you use automatic updates, Watchful helps schedule them so they only occur during business hours.


Use your favorite backup plugin with Watchful to ensure you have a safe copy of your site stored in an offsite location.

With Watchful, multiple backup schedules can be created. The backup status of each site is closely monitored to keep you aware if any failed backups and warn you if you attempt plugin updates when backups are stale.


The Site Audit is a best practice scanner that checks your site for security best practices, hacked or modified core files, and malware. If any problems are detected, advice and/or simple tools are provided to help fix any issues.


Be sure that the technical aspects of your website are properly configured with the SEO Audit. The audit detects problems such as broken links, missing sitemaps, and content relevance — and recommends fixes — to ensure that your site performs at its best when indexed by search engines.


The Plugin & Extension Tracker allows you to easily browse all of the WordPress plugins added to your website and logs any changes for unexpected modifications. This logging feature greatly improves the troubleshooting process by correlating the dates of plugin installation/upgrade to any bugs that arise on your sites. The tracker also integrates with our system-wide search tools. This makes it fast and easy to locate all of your sites with specific plugins — and even a specific version of a plugin — so that maintenance tasks such as addressing zero-day security issues can be applied quickly and efficiently to only the sites that need them.


The Uptime Monitor checks your sites every minute of every day to make sure it is online. If your site cannot be reached, a notification is sent and the problem recorded. The monitor displays the last 10 uptime/downtime events and calculates the percentage uptime for the last day, 7 days, 30 days, and throughout the lifetime of your site. This information can be included in your white-label reports (see below).


The Google Analytics integration instantly gives an overview of your website traffic, visitors, most viewed pages, top referral sources, and most commonly searched-for keywords. This information can be included in your white-label reports (see below).


Our white-label reporting tool makes it easy to generate reports for your clients. Reports can be generated per site or based on tags, giving you a lot of flexibility in the report contents. Each report contains data on website uptime, Google Analytics, and logs for the indicated time period showing software updates and other site activity. These great-looking reports can be sent to your client(s) to showcase the value of your services.

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Watchful – A Productivity Suite For WordPress Maintenance

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Watchful slashes website maintenance time using smart automation and and bulk productivity tools. Backups, updates, monitoring & maintenance has never been easier with Watchful.

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