About Vloomp

Are you tired of explaining the same thing over and over again? We feel you. That’s why we created Vloomp – a plugin that creates a library for your Loom videos right inside your WordPress dashboard. 🎥

You spend hours recording epic video walkthroughs of your client sites. But you know that emailing them means they’ll be seen once, at most. Then, you’re back to answering the same boring questions, instead of focusing on new work.

But there’s hope. With Vloomp, you can save Loom videos right where your clients can always find them – inside their WordPress dashboard! It provides a permanent home for your client videos, where they’ll never be forgotten or overlooked. 

The best part? You don’t have to change a thing about how you create your videos. Just copy and paste the URL of each Loom video into the Vloomp plugin settings, and voila! Only the videos you add will be visible to your clients, so you can keep everything organized and tailored to each client’s nee

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You already use Loom to create help videos for your WordPress clients. Why not save them inside the WordPress dashboard to keep them available forever.

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