About Terms & Conditions Popups

Ensure your users agree to your website’s terms and conditions before they proceed with critical actions on your site with the Terms & Conditions Popups addon from Popup Maker! This handy tool makes it simple to require agreement to your terms before users can view pages, submit forms, add items to their cart, and more. Set up is quick and easy, allowing you to enforce compliance and enhance user trust effortlessly.

Imagine having a seamless way to ensure users have read and agreed to your terms before they proceed with an important action. With the Terms & Conditions Popups addon, you can create multiple term boxes in a single popup, requiring users to agree to each one. This not only ensures compliance but also helps in providing a smooth and transparent user experience.


  • Multiple Term Boxes: Add several terms to a single popup and require agreement for all. Ensures comprehensive compliance from users before they proceed.
  • Force Agreement Trigger: Block access to pages until users agree to your terms. Guarantees that users can’t bypass your terms and conditions.
  • Click Block Trigger: Prevent users from clicking buttons or links until they agree. Enhances UX by ensuring terms are agreed upon before critical actions.
  • Scroll to Activate: Make users scroll to the bottom of the terms box before they can agree. Ensures users read the entire terms before agreeing.
  • Customizable Checkboxes: Choose from multiple checkbox styles and customize terms, agree text, and notices. Tailor the look and feel to match your brand.
  • Cookie-Based Agreement: Set cookies to remember user agreements and prevent repeated popups. Enhances user experience by avoiding repetitive agreements.

Using the Terms & Conditions Popups addon, you can easily enforce compliance with legal requirements like GDPR and EU Cookie Notices. Make your terms clear, ensure user consent, and provide a seamless experience with Popup Maker’s Terms & Conditions Popups!

Screenshots of Terms & Conditions Popups

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Terms & Conditions Popups

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Require users to agree to your terms before proceeding with actions, enhancing trust and providing a seamless user experience.

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