About Tax Exemption for WooCommerce

Simplify tax exemption management in your WooCommerce store with the Tax Exemption for WooCommerce plugin.

This plugin allows store owners to effortlessly handle tax-exempt purchases, helping you comply with tax exemption rules and regulations, while providing a seamless shopping experience for eligible customers.


  • Streamline Operations: Reduce manual work and errors by automating the tax exemption process.
  • Enhance Customer Experience: Provide a smoother checkout process for tax-exempt customers.

Getting Started:

Upon installing the plugin, configure the necessary settings as follows:

  • Toggle the tax exemption feature on or off.
  • Choose the tax class for the Tax / VAT exemption.
  • Decide where to show the tax exemption fields during checkout.
  • Enable or disable the removal of tax on shipping for exempt customers.
  • Activate or deactivate the tax exemption fields on the “My Account” page.
  • Customize the text/labels throughout the plugin.

Customers will then have the option to tick the “I want to claim tax exemption” box at checkout and provide their tax exemption information.

If this box is checked and their information is entered correctly, tax will be deducted from their order.

Should an order be flagged as tax / VAT exempt, it will be indicated on the admin order details page, where the tax exempt information is visible.

PRO Version:

The PRO version offers several additional features including:

  • Custom tax exemption form fields.
  • Tax exemption certificate upload field.
  • Tax exemption expiration date field.
  • Tax exemption fields on registration form.
  • Exemption status management for admins.
  • Only allow exemption for approved users.
  • Hide the tax exemption fields on checkout.
  • Only remove tax from specific products.
  • Only allow exemption for logged in users.
  • Only allow exemption for selected user roles.
  • Only allow exemption for selected countries.
  • Customize the tax class for each user.
  • Integration with “AvaTax”.

Perfect for businesses of all sizes, the Tax Exemption for WooCommerce plugin simplifies tax exemption management, ensuring a smooth and compliant shopping experience for your customers.

Screenshots of Tax Exemption for WooCommerce

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Tax Exemption for WooCommerce

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Allow customers to declare their VAT / tax exemption eligibility, submit their exemption details, and automatically remove tax from their purchases.

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