About Security Ninja

Are you worried about your website being hacked or going down due to malicious attacks?

WP Security Ninja is here to help! We make sure your website is secure and up and running, so you don’t have to worry about any downtime or hackers getting in.

We focus on making security for WordPress websites much more accessible for everyone to use. You do not need to learn a lot of technical terms or do a lot of research to get started.

Many website owners either do not know they should protect their website, and even if they know that security is essential for keeping their website running smoothly, they find it hard to know where to get started.

We provide peace of mind knowing your website is protected from hackers and downtime.

Security Ninja – Your Website’s Best Friend

Security Ninja is a WordPress security plugin that helps you secure your website from hackers and malicious viruses. It is easy to use and has several essential features that make it a must-have for any WordPress website.

Security Ninja is the perfect solution for users who want to protect their website from hackers and downtime without spending a lot of time going through many settings and looking up strange new terms. Security Ninja makes it easy to keep your website running smoothly and without interruption.

WordPress is a secure platform, but no system is ever entirely impregnable. You are pretty safe if you install just the core WordPress system, but installing security plugins is the best way to protect your site from bad actors.

WordPress is the platform your website runs on, but you most likely have a premium theme and a bunch of plugins. Any plugin or theme, free or premium, can have security issues. Installing a security plugin gives you an additional layer of protection with features such as a firewall and repeated login hack attempts.

Our vulnerability module is free for all users and warns you if there are any vulnerable plugins or themes installed on your website. There are thousands of plugins for WordPress and there are constantly hackers trying to use any flaws or mistakes in these plugins to gain access to your website.

Are you worried about your website being hacked or going down?

With WP Security Ninja, you can rest assured that your website is up and running without downtime due to hackers or attempts by users to bring down your website.

We’re constantly updating our security features to ensure your website is always protected.

Setup wizard – get started in minutes.

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time getting started. A security plugin is a tool that should be running quietly in the background and do its job.

The wizard takes less than a minute and sets up basic protection with a few clicks and allows you to dive deeper into the settings afterwards if you want to finetune.

Easy one-click fixes

The plugin keeps an eye on all your WordPress files, and you will know if a malicious piece of code or hacker changed even a single letter in any file.

It is a warning sign that your site has been hacked if any of the WordPress Core files have been modified.

All files are scanned and compared to the files listed on wordpress.org. The WordPress community strongly advises that you never modify any WP core files!

Perfect for restoring hacked sites. If you have suffered a hack, you can quickly recover the original version with a simple click.

Firewall protection

Preventing hackers from accessing your website is the best protection, and the built-in firewall in Security Ninja protects your website from attackers blocking their attempts.

Security Ninja uses several protection methods to prevent bad guys from visiting your website.

We have many more features. Use our free version for as long as you want and try out a fully functioning trial before you get the full protection.

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Security Ninja

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