About Scroll Triggered Popups

Keep your users engaged and increase conversions with Scroll Triggered Popups from Popup Maker! This powerful addon lets you trigger popups based on how far users have scrolled, ensuring your messages hit at the perfect moment. Whether you want to showcase related content, prompt sign-ups, or display targeted offers, Scroll Triggered Popups make it easy.

Imagine a user scrolling through your blog post and just as they reach the end, a perfectly timed popup appears offering them a content upgrade, a special deal or more content to explore. This addon allows you to market specific material to specific users as they scroll, giving you complete control over when and where your popups appear.


  • Multiple Triggers: Trigger popups based on scroll distance (PX, %, EM, REM), shortcode, or custom selectors for maximum flexibility.
  • Close When Scrolling Up: Option to close the popup when the user scrolls back up, perfect for showing related info at the end of an article.
  • Add Any Content: Easily add shortcodes for related posts, newsletter sign-ups, or ads relevant to the current page or post.
  • Customizable Cookie Settings: Prevent popups from showing repeatedly to avoid annoying your users.
  • All the Power of Popup Maker: Enjoy full control over targeting, positioning, size, animations, and styling, building on the robust Popup Maker plugin.

With Scroll Triggered Popups, you can keep your users engaged for longer periods by displaying related content or call-to-actions at just the right moment.

Screenshots of Scroll Triggered Popups

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Scroll Triggered Popups

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Keep users engaged and boost conversions with Scroll Triggered Popups from Popup Maker! Trigger popups based on scroll distance to display targeted messages, offers, and content upgrades at the perfect moment.

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