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Take control of when your popups appear with the Scheduling addon from Popup Maker! This handy tool lets you precisely time your popups, ensuring they show up at the perfect moment to engage your audience. Whether you’re running a time-sensitive promotion or want to display popups during peak hours, Scheduling makes it a breeze.

Imagine having a sale that starts exactly at midnight and ends in 48 hours. With Scheduling, you can set your popups to appear and disappear automatically, without having to lift a finger. You can also schedule popups to show on specific dates or during office hours, making your marketing efforts more targeted and effective.


  • Start Date: Schedule popups to start appearing at a specific date and time.
  • End Date: Automatically stop showing popups after a certain date and time.
  • Date Range: Display popups for a set period with the date range feature.
  • Chosen Dates: Select specific dates for your popups to appear.
  • Office Hours: Set popups to show during specific days and times of the week.
  • Multiple Schedules: Combine multiple schedules for each popup for maximum flexibility.
  • Server Time Scheduling: Sync your popups with server time for promotions that start or end based on your server’s clock.
  • Local Time Scheduling: Use local time zone scheduling to show popups according to the user’s time zone.

With the Scheduling addon, you can effortlessly plan your popup campaigns to match your marketing strategy. Whether you need to target users at specific times or run limited-time offers, this addon ensures your popups are always perfectly timed. Make the most of your popups with precise scheduling and see your engagement soar!

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Take control of your popups with Popup Maker’s Scheduling addon! Effortlessly time your popups to match your marketing strategy, whether for promotions, peak hours, or specific dates, ensuring maximum engagement and effectiveness.

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