About Remote Content

Add a whole new dimension to your popups with the Remote Content addon from Popup Maker! This powerful tool lets you load dynamic or remote content into your popups on demand, giving you endless possibilities for engaging your users. Whether it’s pulling in content from another page on your site or even from an external website, Remote Content makes it easy and efficient.

Imagine turning any link on your site into a popup that displays its content without making your users navigate away. With just a few clicks, you can target internal or external links, load content on demand, and even improve page load performance by loading iframes only when needed. It’s a game-changer for anyone looking to create a more interactive and seamless user experience.


  • Turn Any Link into a Popup: Display content from any link in a popup without redirecting users. Keep visitors on your site while showing them relevant information.
  • On-Demand Iframes: Load iframes only when needed, improving page load performance and user experience.
  • Versatile Content Loading Methods: Use jQuery.load(), iframes, AJAX, or post type content to load internal and external content based on your needs.
  • Advanced Customization: Utilize APIs for custom dynamic content popups with AJAX for complete control over the data and content.
  • Multiple Loading Icons: Choose from multiple built-in loading icons or add your own custom icons to enhance the user experience.

With Remote Content, you can keep your users engaged by providing the information they need without making them leave the page.

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Remote Content

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Load dynamic content from internal or external links into popups, keeping users engaged without navigating away. Perfect for creating interactive and seamless site interactions.

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