About Map Engine

Map Engine can be your one-stop destination to create fully customized Google Maps or Open Street Maps. There are no restrictions on the map platform selected; switch seamlessly between Google Map and Open Street Map. Using this plugin, you can add an unlimited number of markers and shapes to your map. An extremely user-friendly interface to ease up your map building experience without any hassle!

Why Should You Choose The Map Engine?

  • Choose your favorite platform Google Maps or Open Street Maps.
  • Easily switch any map from Google to Open Street or vice-versa.
  • Easy-to-use UI with no overheads.
  • Create unlimited maps and markers. No hidden restrictions!
  • Choose map themes, types, and layers.
  • Support for Snazzy map themes for Google Maps.
  • Multiple themes for Open Street maps.
  • Create or add your custom theme JSON.
  • Attractive marker shapes and styles.
  • Custom marker icons.
  • Customize marker info window.
  • Add the image to the info windows.
  • Locate on the map feature, to pin markers in one click.
  • Drag to reposition the markers.
  • Draw any number of polygon shapes on the map.
  • Show Info window on polygon click.
  • Get a live preview of the created map.
  • Embed anywhere using the shortcode.
  • Duplicate entities to save time & effort.
  • Super Interactive builder interface.
  • Responsive across multiple devices.

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Map Engine

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A fully customizable WordPress Plugin for Google Maps and Open Street Maps. And an Ultimate map tool to revolutionize your Map building experience.

License Type: Free