About MailChimp Integration

Supercharge your email marketing with the MailChimp Integration addon from Popup Maker! This powerful tool seamlessly connects your Popup Maker opt-in forms to your MailChimp lists, making it easier than ever to grow your subscriber base and engage with your audience.

With MailChimp Integration, you can choose which MailChimp list your forms add subscribers to, ensuring they go exactly where you want them. You can also add users to specific interest groups with targeted forms, making your marketing more precise and effective. Plus, you can include custom merge fields in your subscription forms for personalized data collection.

That’s not all—trigger automation workflows immediately after form submission to keep the engagement going. And with options to enable or disable double opt-in, you have full control over the subscription process.


  • List Selection: Choose which MailChimp list each form adds subscribers to, keeping your lists organized and relevant.
  • Interest Groups: Add users to specific interest groups with multiple targeted forms for more personalized marketing.
  • Custom Merge Fields: Enhance your forms with custom merge fields to collect the information that matters most to you.
  • Automation Workflows: Trigger MailChimp automation workflows right after a user submits a form to maintain engagement.
  • Double Opt-In Control: Easily enable or disable double opt-in according to your preference and needs.

Screenshots of MailChimp Integration

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MailChimp Integration

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Boost your email marketing with Popup Maker’s MailChimp Integration addon! Seamlessly connect opt-in forms to MailChimp lists, target specific interest groups, collect custom data, and trigger automation workflows to keep your audience engaged.

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