About Leaving Notices

Keep your users informed and your site secure with the Leaving Notices addon from Popup Maker! This essential tool alerts users when they are about to leave your site, giving them a heads-up about external links. It’s perfect for websites that host a lot of user generated content such as social media sites, and blogs.

Imagine a user browsing your online store or checking their account details. Suddenly, they click on a link that takes them away from your site. Without a warning, this can be confusing and potentially risky especially in case of user generated content. Leaving Notices Popups help mitigate these concerns by clearly notifying users that they’re about to navigate to an external site, keeping them informed.


  • External Link Alerts: Notify users when they click on a link that takes them off your site. Helps maintain transparency and security by informing users about external links.
  • Quick Setup: Easily configure leaving notice popups in minutes. Integrates seamlessly with Popup Maker for hassle-free setup.
  • Enhanced Security: Ideal for high-stakes websites like banks, investment firms, and eCommerce. Ensures users are aware of external navigation, reducing potential security risks.

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Leaving Notices

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Keep users informed and secure with Popup Maker’s Leaving Notices addon! Alert users about external links to enhance transparency and security, perfect for sites with user-generated content.

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