About Ko-fi Button

Ko-fi is a fast and friendly way to earn money from your blog, website, or project. Over $150 million has been earned on Ko-fi so far, growing every month!

The money goes directly to you with 0% fees from Ko-fi; it’s completely Free and a great alternative to ads!

Create your free page at ko-fi.com in just a few minutes, and link your PayPal or Stripe account to start receiving donations.

Use the Plugin to add a Ko-fi button to any widget area, or sidebar, or use the shortcode [kofi] to add a button to any page or post.

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Ko-fi Button

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Ko-fi is the all-in-one place to accept donations, memberships and sales from your fans with no fees! The official Ko-fi WordPress plugin makes it easy to add donation buttons and widgets to your site.

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