About Gravity Forms to Airtable integration


Multiple Airtable feeds

  • For each form, data can be sent to one or several Airtable database(s)
  • Customzation for each Gravity Forms form and each feed

Selection of the database and table

  • Choose in which table and which database data is sent

Mapping between Airtable fields and Gravity Forms fields

  • Major fields supported
  • Mapping of the Airtable columns with the forms fields
  • Gravity Forms entries will be sent automatically to Airtable

Conditional filters

  • Conditions based on Gravity form entries
  • Data sent to Airtable database only if they meet the defined conditions.

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Gravity Forms to Airtable integration

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Connect WordPress Gravity Forms plugin to the No Code database tool Airtable. With this plugin, you can add and manage data submitted on your website forms directly in Airtable by linking the form fields with fields of your Airtable databases. The information entered will be added to the selected table once the form is validated.

License Type: Premium