About Freesoul Deactivate Plugins

FDP gives you the possibility to selectively deactivate plugins where you don’t need them, for speed optimization, debugging, and problem-solving.

Already with the free version, you can disable the entire plugins on the pages where you don’t need them. It will not only clean up the assets of third-party plugins, their PHP code will not run either. Hence, your pages will have fewer HTTP requests and fewer database queries.

You will improve the performance also when the page is not served by cache. Then, implementing the cache and using also other optimization plugins, your website will be a rocket, even if you have dozen of heavy plugins.

With FDP no matter how many plugins you have, you can keep them active only where you need them.

Of course, this is not an invitation to install heavy plugins 🙂 But many times you can’t renounce some plugins like those ones for e-commerce, memberships, LMSs, forums… In those cases, load them only where you need them.

The PRO version gives you also the possibility to dequeue the assets of the remaining active plugins, the theme, and the core. Moreover, it will automatically suggest to you the plugins that you really need.

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Freesoul Deactivate Plugins

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It gives you full control of all the plugins that are active on your WordPress website. Load your plugins only where you really need them, not everywhere. Most of them slow down the page loading even where they don’t do anything useful. Consume what you really use, not more. Solve conflicts between the plugins, and debug by deactivating them in preview mode, without showing a broken website to the rest of the world.

License Type: Freemium