About Forced Interaction

Boost your engagement and control user flow with the Forced Interaction addon from Popup Maker! This unique tool disables the close button on your popups, ensuring users must complete an action before they can continue. Whether you’re protecting content or guiding users through a funnel, Forced Interaction makes it happen.

Create high-performing funnels by placing a popup with a opaque background and disabling the close button. This method effectively guides users where you want them to go, whether it’s filling out a form, confirming an action, or logging in. It’s a powerful way to ensure users take the necessary steps on your site.

Forced Interaction is perfect for restricting content access or blocking pages from being viewed until certain actions are completed. Plus, with the full customization capabilities of the Theme Builder and WYSIWYG Content Editor, you can create engaging, on-brand popups that drive results.


  • Close Button Disable: Restrict users from closing popups, ensuring they must complete the desired action.
  • Content Restriction: Block access to certain pages or content until specific actions are completed.
  • Customizable Popups: Utilize the Theme Builder and WYSIWYG Content Editor to create visually appealing and effective popups.
  • Targeting Conditions: Determine which pages trigger the popup using the built-in Targeting Conditions Feature or the Advanced Targeting Conditions Extension.
  • Welcome Gate: Serve an effective welcome gate to guide users to the right pages and keep them from seeing incomplete or outdated content.

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Forced Interaction

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Enhance engagement and control user actions with Popup Maker’s Forced Interaction addon! Disable the close button on popups to ensure users complete necessary actions, guiding them through funnels and restricting content access seamlessly.

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