About Exit Intent Popups

Ready to stop missing out on potential customers? Meet the Exit Intent Popups addon from Popup Maker! This fantastic tool is designed to catch users right before they leave your site, transforming potential losses into valuable leads and revenue. Imagine converting more visitors just by showing a well-timed popup. That’s the magic of Exit Intent!

Most of your visitors will never come back once they leave. Every person who leaves is lost revenue, but with Exit Intent Popups, you can prevent some of those exits and turn them into profits. Whether someone is about to abandon their cart on your WooCommerce checkout page or leave your pricing page, a perfectly timed popup can reel them back in.

Exit Intent Popups use advanced Soft Exit Detection technology to show a popup precisely when a user’s cursor exits the body of your website. It’s a seamless way to engage users one last time before they leave. Offer a lead magnet, a free trial, or even the chance to chat with a support rep—whatever it takes to keep them hooked.


  • Adjustable Sensitivity: Fine-tune when your exit popup will trigger with multiple sensitivity settings to get it just right.
  • False Positive Detection: Prevent accidental triggers with advanced detection that goes beyond simple browser exit detection.
  • Soft Exit Detection: Show a unique offer or message at the exact moment a user is about to leave, encouraging them to stay.
  • Hard Exit Prevention: Interrupt users trying to leave with a customizable alert message, giving them one last chance to stay and see your popup.
  • Show Users Targeted Offers: Use Popup Maker’s Targeting Conditions to display super-targeted offers based on user behavior and other conditions.

Exit Intent Popups from Popup Maker are the ultimate tool to get more leads, keep users engaged, and reduce cart abandonment. Don’t let potential customers slip away—grab their attention with a perfectly timed popup and watch your conversions skyrocket!

Screenshots of Exit Intent Popups

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Exit Intent Popups

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Stop losing potential customers with Popup Maker’s Exit Intent Popups addon! This tool catches users just before they leave your site, converting exits into leads and sales. Engage visitors with timely popups, reduce cart abandonment, and boost conversions with this powerful marketing solution.

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