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Boost your Easy Digital Downloads store sales with this Integration addon for Popup Maker! This powerful extension lets you create targeted upsell and cross-sell popups, helping you increase your sales and engage your customers more effectively. Whether you want to remind customers about a companion product or promote additional items based on their cart contents, this addon makes it easy.

Imagine a customer adding a book on the Keto Diet to their cart, and instantly, a popup appears suggesting a Keto Recipes book. With the Easy Digital Downloads Pro Integration, you can trigger popups based on various cart conditions, user history, and even subscription statuses. This addon is perfect for maximizing the value of each customer interaction and driving more conversions.


  • Product-Based Triggers: Trigger popups when any product or specific products are added to the cart.
  • Cart Condition Targeting: Show popups based on the items, quantity, or total value in the cart. Tailor your marketing to different cart scenarios for better results.
  • Customer History Targeting: Display popups to logged-in users based on their purchase history or membership duration. Personalize your offers to loyal customers.
  • License-Based Targeting: Use EDD Software Licensing to target popups based on product licenses. Promote renewals or upgrades effectively.
  • Subscription-Based Targeting: Utilize EDD Recurring Payments to show popups related to subscriptions. Encourage renewals or promote new subscriptions seamlessly.
  • Review-Based Targeting: Integrate with EDD Reviews to target users based on their review activity.

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Boost your Easy Digital Downloads store sales with Popup Maker’s Integration addon! Create targeted upsell and cross-sell popups based on cart conditions, user history, and subscription statuses to maximize conversions.

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