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About Domain Mapping System

Domain Mapping System is your trusty sidekick for wrangling multiple domains on your WordPress site. It’s the go-to tool when you want to keep things simple, whether you’re managing a bunch of domains for targeted audiences on your blog or embarking on a big WordPress project that represents different locations for your organization around the globe. 

With Domain Mapping System, you can assign content to different domains right from your WordPress Admin Dashboard. No more juggling multiple WordPress installs or getting tangled up in complex setups. You can map as many alias domains as you want, giving you total control over your online empire.

The most powerful part is that you can map those domains to pretty much anything: posts, pages, products, categories – you name it. It’s like playing a game of connect-the-dots, but way cooler. Want to extend your site with subdomains? Easy peasy. And if you’re into WordPress Multisite, Domain Mapping System plays nicely with that too, making domain management a breeze for all your network sites.

Create microsites to group your content by domain, or automatically map all your published resources with just one click using Global Domain Mapping.

Need to redirect visitors to the right domain? Done.

Take a step further, and jazz up your brand with custom favicons for each domain and adding custom page titles, and descriptions using the Yoast SEO integration. 

If you’re running a WooCommerce store – Domain Mapping System integrates seamlessly, mapping essential pages like Shop, Checkout, and Cart across your domains.

Looking ahead, we have some exciting stuff in the pipeline, like mapping domains to protected user areas and hooking up with Google Analytics for some serious analytics tracking.

So whether you’re a blogging newbie or a seasoned pro, Domain Mapping System is your ticket to domain management paradise. Say goodbye to headaches and hello to smooth sailing with all your WordPress domains.

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Domain Mapping System

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Domain Mapping System is the most powerful plugin to manage multiple domains in a single WordPress site. Map multiple alias domains to your published resources (Posts, Pages, Products, Custom Post Types, and more), saving time and hassle, and giving you targeted branding with each alias domain.

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