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Cleaning your website of duplicate content is easy – right? If you only have a handful of pages to review – but what about when you have hundreds of pages and posts? What about a thousand or hundred thousands of post and products?

This can be very time-consuming or even impossible to handle. This is why you need a tool like Delete Duplicate Posts to help you.

How does the plugin find duplicated content?

The free version uses the direct method by comparing titles. So, if you have two or more blogposts with the title “Top reasons to clean up your website for duplicated content”, the plugin will find the original and offer to remove the other versions. The plugin already knows which is the original, because it checks which post was published first.

The pro version adds a secondary comparison method – checking for duplicated post meta. This gives you a way to search for duplicated values, such as a SKU number. This is great if you have a WooCommerce store that imports products from different feeds and you can’t just compare with product title.

This plugin for WordPress was first released all the way back in 2009 and has helped thousands of websites and online stores reduce clutter for their users and prevent getting penalized in Google.

Since its inception there have been new features added over the years, not just the comparison method. If you have more advanced websites you can control where to look for duplicates. Select post types you want to keep an eye on and ignore the rest. You can also control which post statuses to check – Draft, Published, Scheduled and so on.

er default the oldest post is considered the original, but if you want you can even choose to keep the latest.

Automatic 301 redirects

We recently introduced a very requested feature – automatic redirect. Each time a duplicated post is deleted, a redirect is created to the original post. This helps your visitors and crawling robots find what they are looking for instead of a missing page.

Automate deleting duplicates

With a few clicks, you can set up scheduled removal of any duplicates. You can change the limits and frequency to fit your website.

Combine the automatic redirect with the automatic delete feature and your can leave the plugin running on your website, keeping it free of duplicates.

Perfect for news aggregators and automated e-commerce websites.

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Delete Duplicate Posts

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Delete Duplicate Posts, helps you get rid of duplicated posts and pages, manually or automatically. Great for sites with automated content.

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