About Convoworks WP

Who can use this plugin and how?

  • Website owners – With the Convoworks you can create Alexa skills using the GUI only. Practically, any webmaster should be able to use it. For more advanced and complex services you might seek help from your usual WordPress developers.
  • Agencies – Convoworks is a rapid service development tool. Once you get familiar with it you will be able to deliver voice services to your customers at blazing speeds.
  • Plugin developers – Enhance your plugin with Convoworks custom package. Create specialized components that can utilize your specific data/services and make a couple of predefined service templates that would fit most common needs for your plugin users.

Open architecture

Convoworks is highly customizable meaning that you can add additional components, functionalities and even service templates through your plugin or theme.


Convoworks is shipped with many generic components which are allowing you to fetch data from your database (post based and custom tables) but there are also concrete integrations with some popular plugins.

Appointment Scheduling

  • Simply Schedule Appointments
  • Easy Appointments

Form builders

  • Formidable Forms

Audio streaming

  • MP3 Music Player by Sonaar
  • Seriously Simple Podcasting
  • Audioigniter

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Convoworks WP

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Integrate your WordPress website with Amazon Alexa. With our easy to use Convoworks Voice Assistant plugin you will be able to create apps that will help you engage with your audience in ways most websites owners could never imagine.

License Type: Free